Friday, May 25, 2018

Born Believers: Photo Exhibition: SHA Gallery: June 1-9

Born Believers: Photo Exhibition: Serbian Heritage Academy Gallery, poster
Photo Exhibition: Born Believers: Siberia. People. Traditions.
The Serbian Heritage Academy Gallery, June 1 – June 9, 2018
2381 Dundas Street W., Toronto ON M6P 1X2

Gallery of Serbian Heritage Academy presents
Photo Exhibition

Born Believers: Siberia. People. Traditions.

Venue: Art Gallery of The Serbian Heritage Academy of Canada
Address: 2381 Dundas Street W., Toronto ON M6P 1X2
(One block north of Dundas subway station)

Exhibition is open from June 1 to June 9, 2018

Gallery is open: 4pm - 7pm

Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 7pm - 9pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, June 9, 5pm-6pm

Curated by Vladimir Stjepanovic

Born Believers: Old Believers in Buryatia

Natalia went to the International Festival of Old Believers "The Avvakum's Path" in Buryatia as a guest from Canada.

All photographs were taken by a long-gone HP digital camera and they are not an artistic statement but an attempt to show an ordinary and still exotic in everyday life of Southern Siberia.

The Republic of Buryatia has a big population of descendants of the Old Believers who moved there in XVIII century seeking religious freedom. Another name of this people — Semeyskie or Family People — was given because they moved to Siberia with their big families.

The Semeyskie still practised ancient Orthodox rituals and perpetuate everyday activities. They are also characterized by their traditional dress, handicrafts, dwellings, paintings, ornaments and food as well as their music. Also noteworthy are their polyphonic choirs, which perform traditional songs at family celebrations and popular festivals.

Many visitors come to Buryatia only for the tour to the Old Believers, to see their way of life, as if leapt from the pages of a history book. The old schism is waned but the culture still lives.

See you at the gallery.

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