Thursday, March 30, 2006

TVO: Russian Oligarchs on Air April 2 10:02 PM

TV Ontario Human Edge Presents on April 2 at 10:02 p.m.

The Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs - Part Two

It’s a well-balanced documentary.
Everybody got his share.
Read about this film:

(1x90')(2x50') Dir.: A.GENTELEV (Documentaries)
EXTRA NAME: Point du Jour & Alexander Gentelev presents this fascinating story of a power struggle: Putin against the Russian Oligarchs
TEXT: Since 1996 we have followed the equivalent of Russia's Fords and Rockefellers, the "Oligarchs", individuals who seized the moment...
Dizzying in its detail, The Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs puts modern-day Russia into perspective.

GENTELEV Alexander





Available versions
Original Language(s): Russian

political_punks @ 2006-03-16T21:40:00
16 Mar 2006 by Political Punks!
I just finished watching "The Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs". It's a two-piece documentary on how the USSR changed from totalitarianism into a "free"-market economy. In the end the state capital was divided among the small ...
Political Punks!

Business oligarch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to a widespread stereotype, the oligarchs are business entrepreneurs who ... In actuality, post-Soviet business oligarchs are relatives or close ...
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New York Daily News - Boroughs - Russians go West, and film
... Russia, like the 2004 Israeli-made "Oligarchs" by Alexander Gentelev about the moguls who have dominated the post-Soviet ...
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.:: - русские в Orange County ::.
... English sutitles. Directed by Alexander Gentelev. Produced by Arik Bernstein. Script by Vladimir Beider, Alexander Gentelev, Tova Korczyn. Cinematography by Avi Abramov ...
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The Nuances of Chernoy
Friday, 10 August 2001
Alexander Gentelev
Alex Adler
"Master M"
Credit: Internet Edition Standart News

Александр Гентелев's Journal
Александр Гентелев's Journal [Most Recent Entries] [Calendar View] [Friends]. Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Александр Гентелев's ...
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Toronto: Salute to Opera Talents!

An Evening of Opera and Operetta

When: Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Showtime: 7:30pm

Where: Christ Church Deer Park
Location Map: 1570 Yonge St.,Toronto, ON M4T 1Z8
NW corner of Yonge & Heath
(Yonge Street and St. Clair Ave. intersection)
Location Details

Tickets: $30.00
Information: Tel/Fax: 416-783-9522

Event Details:

Christ Church Deer Creek is hosting an opera performance. On the schedule is Cavalleria Rusticana, a libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci.
It is named after the novella and the play of the same name by Giovanni Verga with music by Pietro Mascagni (1863-1945). Cavalleria was first performed in 1890 at the Teatro Costanzi, Rome.
Performers are Helena Holl (Soprano), Geoffrey Butler (Tenor), Jan Vaculik (Bass-Baritone), Sabationo Vacca (Soloist Pianist). The show is also narrated by Anthony Morizio and Violetta Holl.


Part I: Opera
Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni

The first part of the concert will feature a melodrama in one act titled Cavalleria Rusticana. This opera was the reason for Pietro Mascagni’s fame from the time it was first performed 17th of May 1890 at the Teatro Costanzi, Rome.

Lola and Turiddu were once in love, but when Turiddu returned from his military service she was already married. He was deeply hurt, but poured his misery into a new love, with Santuzza; a simple, but good-hearted girl. Lola grew more jealousy by the minute and was determined to win Turiddu back.

It’s Eastern morning, yet the sunrise brings grief to Santuzza as she sees unfaithful Turiddu leave Lola’s house. What is the point of life, if he does not love, honour and cherish her? His empty promises and lies keep echoing in her mind. What must she do now to return his sacred love? Must she beg or blame him? But upon his return, Turiddu is tired from his sleepless night and ignorant towards anything she has to say. Even after the threat of Santuzza’s curses on this saintly day, Turiddu cruelly pushes Santuzza out of his way to proceed to see Lola. Traumatized and abandoned Santuzza has only one thought: vendetta, revenge.

So what happens next? Lola’s husband, a rich older man named Alfio is convinced of her faithfulness. But with the thought of revenge Santuzza is stating facts, to deny this. He is furious. The man committing this crime will not live to see the sunset! At the same time Turiddu, who’s drunken with love and wine, invites everyone to drink to the ones dearest to them, implying Lola. Now nothing can hide from Alfio’s jealous eyes. “This wine in my body will turn to poison” says he spitting the offered wine to the feet of his enemy. According to an old Sicilian tradition the opponents must bite ones ear for the duel to begin. It will take place in the back of the village and for one man this will mean a bloody death.


Part II: Operetta

Performers will let the magic of the operetta take over from famous composers such as Kalman, Strauss and Lehar.

links: - The most comprehensive online resource about Pietro Mascagni.

Credit: Erik Bruchez

Official Website Pietro Mascagni

Опера Пьетро Масканьи "Сельская честь" (Cavalleria Rusticana)

Автор: П. Масканьи
Великая музыка этого сочинения насыщена вечными и роковыми страстями – любовью, ревностью, ненавистью, смертью.
Сельская честь: Музыка Пьетро Масканьи Дирижер Евгений Колобов "Новая опера", Москва
Мария Бабалова
Credit: Журнал "Итоги"

"Сельская честь" П.Масканьи - Аннотации - Спектакли
Официальный сайт Московского театра Новая Опера

СЕЛЬСКАЯ ЧЕСТЬ - Визуальный словарь
Credit: группа ExOS

Страница Юрия Димитрина

Свободный перевод либретто оперы
Credit: Агентство "Информационные ресурсы"

Пьетро Масканьи
Опера в одном действии

Оригинальное название - "Cavaleria Rusticana"
Либретто Дж. Тарджони-Тоццетти и Г. Менаши по одноименной новелле Дж. Верги.
Первое представление состоялось 17 мая 1890 года в Риме, театре "Костанци".
Фотографии – из постановок Национального театра оперы и балета Республики Молдова
Credit: Национальный театр оперы и балета Республики Молдова

Культура Портал: Опера "Сельская честь" Пьетро Масканьи в Кемерово
Опера Пьетро Масканьи "Сельская честь" прозвучала со сцены Государственной филармонии Кузбасса.
№6 (7465) 10 - 16 февраля 2005 г.
Credit: Газета "Культура"

Опера Масканьи “Сельская честь” напомнила мне об одном культурном открытии. Произошло оно в Минске в 1969 году. 35 лет назад, так что отметим юбилей.
Валерий ЛЕБЕДЕВ (Бостон)
"РУССКАЯ АМЕРИКА" № 348 Bремя Mуз
Credit: Russian America, New York

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Call for Photos for CHOCOLATA Exhibit

World Press Photo Toronto 2005 @ itceremony 2006
From CHOCOLATA to World Press Photo

The Café CHOCOLATA announces a CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHS for their First Exhibit of Amateur Photographers.

From: The Café CHOCOLATA
March 14, 2006 9:40:29 AM
The Arts Junction
Call for Photographs - First Exhibit of Amateur Photographers

Dear Amateur Photographers:

The Café CHOCOLATA would like to invite you to take part in our first exhibit of amateur photographers. The exhibition will take place at the cafe CHOCOLATA.

Our address: 224 Lakeshore Road West, Credit Landing Plaza, Mississauga, ON, L5H 1G6.

We will accept up to 3 framed photographs, size 8 inches by 10 inches with themes of your choice.

The deadline for submission is Friday, March 31, 2006.

Please submit your work at this location indicating your name and contact phone number.

The exhibition will run for one month. Every client of the cafe CHOCOLATA making a purchase will receive a voting ticket to choose the picture which a person likes most of all.

The winners will be announced in the beginning of May 2006.
They will receive modest prizes and their works will be printed in several newspapers and magazines of Mississauga.
All photos will be returning the participants.

For more information contact at 905-271-7804.

Please join us and let everybody enjoy your photography!

Art + Cafe = Chocolata @ itceremony 2006
Дорогие фотографы-любители!

Приглашаем всех принять участие в выставке-конкурсе любительских фотографий. Выставка будет размещена в кафе CHOCOLATA .
Количество работ – до 3-х, размеры фотографий - 8Х10 инчей, фотографии должны быть вставлены в рамки, темы - произвольные.
Срок подачи работ - до 31 марта.

Пожалуйста, приносите свои работы в кафе по адресу:
224 Lakeshore Road West, Credit Landing Plaza, Mississauga, ON, L5H 1G6.

Выставка продлится один месяц. Отбор победителей будет происходить голосованием посетителей кафе, которые при каждой покупке будут получать билет, на котором они укажут номер понравившейся фотографии.
Победители будут объявлены в начале мая 2006 года.
Победившие фотографии будут напечатаны в нескольких изданиях Миссиссаги и авторы получат скромные призы.
Все работы будут возвращены авторам.

Дополнительная информация по телефону 905-271-7804.

Пожалуйста примите участие в нашей выставке и пусть ваши фотографии понравятся всем!

YellowPages(TM) listings for Coffee Houses serving Mississauga in Ontario, Canada

Category : Coffee Houses

224 Lakeshore Road West,
Mississauga, ON L5H 1G6
Tel. : 905-271-7804

Map / Directions
Directory : Mississauga

Mississauga Russian Community Centre
Русский Общественный Центр в Миссиссаге

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 8: Not a Holiday but Still Exceptional

Happy Holiday March the 8th Day
photo composition
© 2006 Oksana Shlakhter

March the 8-th is not a special day of the year, nevertheless it is still an exceptional day.
If you would like to understand some myths and metaphors of March the 8th holiday read all of the following articles. At the end you could find a lecture “Mythology and Consciousness of the Modern Person” of Alexander Piatigorsky. When you finish reading it you will be able to analyze the myths and realities of the International Women’s Day. Take your time!

Если 8-ое марта и не особый день календаря, то это все же исключительный день.
Если Вы хотите понять мифы и метафоры этого праздника, то прочтите эти статьи. В конце Вы найдете лекцию Александра Пятигорского Мифология и сознание современного человека. Когда Вы прочтете лекцию, то Вы будете в состоянии проанализировать некоторые мифы и факты о Международном Женском Дне – Дне Начала Весны, Живых Цветов и Счастливых Улыбок. Не торопитесь!


International Women's Day
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

International Women's Day
Amnesty International Canada - Human Rights Issues - Women

March 8, 2006
Beyond Laws: The Right to Be Me
Credit: Status of Women Canada

Status of Women Canada - International Women's Day
Details that March 8th was established as a global recognition day for women by the United Nations. Browse to become familiar with theme, news release and statements.
For a list of International Women's Day events in Canada, click here.
Calendar of Activities 2006
Credit: Status of Women Canada

International Women's Day
March 8 is International Women's Day. What is the origin of this celebration? What have some organizations done to honor the date?

International Women Day, Farewell to Winter
Published: 07.03.2004
Internet Access and Training Program (IATP)
Credit: Project Harmony Inc.


МОСКВА, 6 марта 2006 г. Всероссийский центр изучения общественного мнения (ВЦИОМ) представляет данные о том, как изменились возможности российских женщин за последние 10–15 лет, считают ли россияне 8 Марта праздником для себя лично, собираются ли отмечать этот праздник и что планируют подарить женщинам в этот день.
Пресс-выпуск № 405
Credit: ВЦИОМ

Мифология и сознание современного человека
...уже к началу XX в. возникли два мощнейших мифа. А что значит мощнейший? Это значит, что нормально рефлексирующий человек не смог их отрефлексировать: или у него не хватило времени, или у него не хватило сил, или у него не хватило того и другого. Это был миф марксизма и гораздо более отупляющий (то, что я назвал бы мифологическим эффектом) – миф Зигмунда Фрейда.
Лекция Александра Пятигорского
Credit: Полит.ру


Blog Search: 8 марта
Яndex Search: 8 марта
Яndex Поиск по блогам и форумам: 8 марта
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