Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dmitri Hvorostovsky on Q Today

Dmitri Hvorostovsky on Q with Jian Ghomeshi ...

Thursday, November 29th
Q: Your daily dose of arts, culture and entertainment

The Russian baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky has come a long way from his childhood in Siberia, wowing audiences from La Scala to the Met. "Russia's Greatest Living Vocalist" is live in Studio Q.
[mp3 file: runs 41:08]

... at the Roy Thompson Hall Tonight

Dmitri Hvorostovsky November Concert Tour of the Americas

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Siberian baritone, performs the Toronto premiere of "Songs of the War Years." Over 90 performers join the singer, including Moscow's Academy of Choral Art and the Moscow Chamber Orchestra. Tonight 8 p.m. ($55-$150 at 416-872-4255). Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St.

Event Details: TORONTO: Superstar Dmitri Hvorostovsky with MCO and ACA
Credit: Show One Productions Inc.

Д.Хворостовский: "Бесит, когда меня до сих пор воспринимают как сибирского валенка"
Мария Бабалова

The Arts Junction: What's on TV Tonight? Eugene Onegin and Hermitage-niks
The Arts Junction:
Experience the Met live at Your Local Movie Theatre

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Three Robbin’s Ballet Pieces: Brilliant Canadian Tribute

National Ballet of Canada West Side Story Suite 2007Toronto: Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts
The National Ballet of Canada: West Side Story Suite & Glass Pieces & In the Night
November 8 - 18, 2007
"Glass Pieces" moved effortlessly and absorbed attention very much like flowing water or a camp fire that you can stare at forever. I would prefer to watch them from the balcony.

To enjoy "In the Night" you have to move closer to the orchestra to be in front of those three romantic and decadent duos. The shared 'Ah-hhh" went after the couples disappeared from the scene into the dark at the end of nocturnes.

In "The West Side Story Suite" the youth as always danced about eternal and generational. Puerto-Rican girls gave a fire in the America’s part as much as with accents as with attitudes. Maria was Russian by soul, and Jerome Robbins can rest assured.

Toronto’s deepest wish to be like New York City is three ballet steps closer now to become a reality.

Bravo National Ballet!

2007 © Natalia Silver

Production Details of West Side Story Suite & Glass Pieces & In the Night
Credit: The National Ballet of Canada

West Side Story leaves us wanting
Nov 09, 2007 04:30 AM
John Terauds
Credit: Toronto Star

A divine tribute to a versatile choreographer
Print Edition 10/11/07
Paula Citron
Credit: The Globe and Mail

The Arts Junction:
National Ballet of Canada: The Life of a Ballet Dancer
National Ballet of Canada: Class on Stage and We Mean It

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Russian Theatrical Production of Oscar Wilde's Salome Is a Part of International Education Week

Russian Theatrical Production of Oscar Wilde's SALOMEPoster: Russian Theatrical Production of Oscar Wilde's SALOME
International Student Centre U of T

Russian Theatrical Production of Oscar Wilde's SALOME
presented by the Russian Student Association
In Russian (English translations will be distributed)

Date: Friday, November 16, 2007
Time: 5:30pm – 6:40pm
Location: International Student Centre UofT, Cumberland Room
Address: 33 St.George Street, Cumberland House, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2E3

Starring Oxana Svoyskaya
Director - Vadim Maksimov
Three images of Salome are portrayed in this play: tragic, comic, and the one, which exists on "other side of good and evil". The birth of Salome as a theatrical figure, her existence and her death are at the centre of the action. Three different images of Salome are the masks, which are situated in the polemics with each other, and result in revealing of the character’s essence.

The Theater Laboratory of Vadim Maksimov (TL) was founded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1984. The object of TL’s activity is experimental research in field of drama: European dramatic symbolism, Russian futurism, Oriental synthetic theater, Antonin Artaud’s “Théâtre de cruauté”. Since 1996 TL has followed directly in the development of Antonin Artaud’s dramatic theory.
The actors of TL take specific training, which was developed in TL in the course of the last 8 years. The training includes oriental practice of psychophysical self-regulation. It is based on the Artaud’s idea of human’s body “energy centres”. Every centre contains a set of senses and can be expressed in the form of plastic motions and voices. The specific training helps to escape from the everyday mask.
The main principle of TL’s performances is a rhythmic and psychoenergetic act organization, an integration of voice, gesture and word into a united impulse, which could completely affect on audience’s perception.
To date, Theater Laboratory has produced about twenty plays including world classical ones (Sophocles “Antigona”, Oscar Wild “Salome”, August Strindberg “The Dream Play”, Euripides/I. Brodsky “Medea”) and plays on modern European dramaturgy (“Fosse/Frostenson/Fragments”, Milorad Pavich “Party”). Some of the plays have never been performed in Russia before (Igor Terentev “Giordano Bruno”, Antonin Artaud “Samurai or ...”, Dzeami Motokie “Kagekie”, Jean Gene “Elle”, William Batler Yeats “Only jealousy of Emer”).

This event is a part of the International Education Week November 12th to 16th, 2007 at the International Student Centre (ISC) at the University of Toronto.


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Google Search: Оскар Уайльд Саломея

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