Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Essence" Paintings by Anna Lobsanova

Poster "Essence" Paintings by Anna Lobsanova


Paintings by Anna Lobsanova

Reception: 2-5pm, Saturday, March 22
March 19-30, 2008

Gallery 1313 (in the Process Gallery)
1313 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1L8

Gallery Hours: Wed - Sun 1-6 pm

The exhibit "Essence" at Gallery 1313 is happening now until the 30th of March - the paintings by Anna Lobsanova are about the sacred power of nature. It expresses the mysterious sense of life by making the hidden visible. The symbolism and literal image of the vision of existence, the concept of energy and its unlimited power is the purpose of the paintings.

The way this message is transmitted is in a variety of styles, ranging from realistic to abstract portrayal of various subjects. There’s a theme of individual, stylized figures personifying a force of nature or representing the universal impression of being; and then there are abstract pieces that convey a primordial essence of life and its progress.

Anna Lobsanova is a recent graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD). She explores the incorporeal side of everything that exists everywhere. In her paintings she attempts to show, with colorful and clear imagery the enigma of life, the soul of nature, the possibilities that a person possesses, and the core of the immaterial energy.

It is the reality of the truth that life is an ever prevailing, omnipresent power which motivates Anna’s work. "I am inspired by the perfection and beauty of existence and believes that these absolutes are eternal," she says. "My goal is to manifest these ideals in my art by channeling a sense of vibrant harmony, so that by looking at the works the viewer can experience communication with the forces of nature," Anna concludes.

Essence is implicit in all reality and in this show the paintings serve the soul of being. They appeal to the spirit and question the perceptions about the unknown by pushing the limits of logic and imagination. Since essence is at the core of all things, the vision of life as an entity, as well as an all pervading force is what the viewer will see at the exhibit "Essence".

Anna Lobsanova's Biography & Artist Statement

ESSENCE Paintings by Anna LobsanovaArtist Anna Lobsanova with her work "Emanation" in the Gallery 1313

Artist Statement
"My work conveys the realm of imagination and attempts to uncover the unknown. I am interested in transforming and influencing the environment through art, creation and invention of nature’s design. I look at the basis of things, the invisible source and cause and explore the unseen and mystical aspects of life in order to connect and unify chaos. Some of my projects include a magazine, books, an artist group, and expressing my ideas, through various mediums such as film, music and design. Through experience and inspiration of nature I wish to reveal imperceptible power and design by expressing perfection."

Anna Lobsanova was born in Moscow, Russia and came to Toronto, Canada at the age of eleven. She has graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design where she studied drawing and painting as well as multimedia. From an early age Anna began to play and compose music on the piano, it is one of the ways she expresses life. Anna also writes and researches about the mysteries of everything.

Wikipedia: Essence
Toronto Culture: Gallery 1313 - Call for Submissions 2008
Anna Lobsanova @ Suite101.com

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Concert In Celebration of IWD March 8, 2008

Russian Canadian Theatrical Community Centre

Русский музыкально-драматический молодежный театр приглашает на Праздничный концерт, посвященный Международному Женскому Дню 8 Марта

концерт состоится

6 марта 2008 в 7 часов вечера
Bernard Betel Centre for Creative Living
по адресу: 1003 Steeles West Ave
телефон для справок 416-255-2121 Лиля

8 марта 2008 в 7 часов вечера
Earl Bales Community Centre
по адресу: 4169 Bathurst Street
(Bathurst & Sheppard)
телефон для справок 416-443-2476 Алла

В программе принимают участие:
  • Николай Черкасов
  • Андрей Картузов
  • танцевальный коллектив "Возрождение" хореограф Екатерина Корниенкова
  • студенты театральной студии руководитель Валентина Суетова
  • артисты театра
Стоимость билетов:
$15 для взрослых
$10 для пенсионеров и детей

Билеты продаются в магазинах “Книгомания”, "Yummy Market"

March 8: Not a Holiday but Still Exceptional

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