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Hot Docs 2012: Buzkashi! World Premiere at the ROYAL Cinema April 29

Hot Docs 2012: Buzkashi! World Premiere at the ROYAL Theatre April 29, 2012, screenshot

"Buzkashi, a game supposedly devised by Genghis Khan,
pits men and horses against each other
in a ferocious struggle for possession of a headless goat."

By Julius Cavendish in Mazar-e-Sharif, 09 April 2010,
The Independent: Anyone for headless goat rugby...?

One of the Canadian highlights at the 2012 Hot Docs Canadian Documentary Film Festival is Najeeb Mirza's fourth documentary, Buzkashi!, that goes into the world of a horse-riding battle sport played in the Tajikistan's mountains. The film will be screened as part of the Canadian Spectrum, a competitive program showcasing the work of Canadian directors.

World Premiere
D: Najeeb Mirza | Canada | 2012 | 81 min |

In Tajikistan's mountains, the ancient sport of Buzkashi pits individual horsemen against each other. Champion Azam plays for honour and integrity, but his success is threatened by "mafia" influences that could transform the game-and country-forever.

Sunday, April 29, 9:45 pm at The Royal Cinema
Tuesday, May 1, 9:00 pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox
Sunday, May 6, 9:00 pm at Cumberland Four - Alliance Cinemas

In Tajikistan’s majestic Pamir mountains, horse riders battle in a centuries-old sport that pits individual riders against one another. Azam, a successful shepherd and Buzkashi champion, is experiencing drastic change. At home, his son prefers to study medicine than take over his father’s flock. On the field, Azam plays for honour and integrity but his main rival, Khurshed, threatens to change the game forever by using his seemingly infinite wealth to employ teammates in organized mafia-style alliances.
Sports documentaries have a powerful capacity to combine emotional, physical and cultural elements into unforgettable cinematic moments, and director Najeeb Mirza brings us into a world of underdogs and villains from a nation on the cusp of dramatic transformation. From the chaotic, brutal action of the game to the serenity of the quiet hillsides, we follow a man shaped by tradition, now forced to face the modern world that surrounds him.

Alex Rogalski

Credit: http://www.hotdocs.ca/film/title/buzkashi

More media coverage about the movie:

Electronic Press Kit: 200 PLAYERS. TANK HELMETS. A HEADLESS GOAT. BUZKASHI! a film by najeeb mirza from oxusfilms.com

Official website: Oxus Films Presents BUZKASHI!

Ottawa Citizen: ‘It’s a crazy, visual sport’
This ancient game involves players competing to control a headless goat. An Ottawa filmmaker has captured the action.
By Kendra Hoskin, Ottawa Citizen April 24, 2012

thestar.com: 10 Hot Docs documentaries to watch
... Tajikistan Buzkashi! Director: Najeeb Mirza
The poorest of the former Soviet Central Asian republics, Tajikistan has endured civil war, electricity blackouts, social upheaval and painful reversals since the end of communism. The polo-like national game of goat-dragging, or Buzkashi, played in the high Pamir mountains, is a metaphor for new Tajikistan’s clash of values, as honour and integrity vies with opportunism and new money in a struggle of all against all. Not even the remote villages are safe from the threat of a future trampled by the ruthless march of “progress.” ...
By Olivia Ward, thestar.com April 21, 2012,

@artjunctionto #HotDocs
Chance to win tickets to Buzkashi! movie #premiere @ #HotDocs (FB ends 28/4): http://forums.redflagdeals.com/chance-win-tickets-buzkashi-movie-premiere-hot-docs-fb-ends-28-4-a-1169051/ --> Screening - Sun Apr 29 @ The Royal
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Win 2 tickets to Buzkashi! premiere courtesy of HotDocs: Sun, Apr 29, 9:45pm @ Royal. Email: info@artintolife.ca -> http://artjunction.blogspot.ca/2012/04/buzkashi-world-premiere-at-hot-docs.html
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+ more:

Doc Talk 1 – Visual Innovation

NFB Docs Talks is an exciting series of hour-long conversations with festival filmmakers offering their insights into documentary filmmaking and storytelling.

Doc Talk 1 - Visual Innovation will be a discussion of how documentaries are utilising craft and technology to push boundaries in cinema and lead the way for innovative storytelling.

Moderated by AJ Schnack

Christian Bonke, BALLROOM DANCER
Elizabeth Mims, ONLY THE YOUNG
Najeeb Mirza, BUZKASHI!

Tuesday, May 1, 5:30 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 4
Free Tickets

Tickets are FREE and can be obtained on the day of the event at the screening venue one hour before the first screening of the day, subject to availability.

Doc Talks are presented by the National Film Board of Canada

CONTACT 2012 Photography in the Junction: Public

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival: Public, May 1 - 31, 2012, The Junction, Toronto, poster credit: Junction BIA
Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival: Public
Photography in the Junction, May 1 - 31, 2012, 18 Venues / 21 Artists
Opening Night Gala: Saturday, May 5th, 2012
Photo:: States of Undress by Jim Roche
Credit: scotiabankcontactphoto.com + junctionbia.com

CONTACT 2012 highlights how photography shapes collective experience and makes things public.
- CONTACT 2012

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival & the Junction BIA

Photography in the Junction

May 1 - 31, 2012
18 Venues / 21 Artists

Enjoy the work of 21 photographers in 18 locations along Dundas Street West from Quebec Avenue to Keele Street.

Opening Night Gala & Receptions: All Venues

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time: 6 - 9 pm

Location: Dundas Street West
[between Keele Street & Quebec Avenue]

For more information, see contact: The Junction BIA
Facebook: CONTACT-Photography-Festival
Flickr: contactphotofestival
Twitter: @contactphoto

Artists + Venues

Jim Roche :: Serendipity
Agora Cafe
3015 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z4

Samantha Allen :: The Craigslist Project
ARTiculations Supply Centre Resource
2928 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Y8

Paul Cook :: Temples of Finance
Bank of Montreal
2859 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z2

Carlos Ferguson :: Silent Sound
Coolearth Archictecture Inc
386 Pacific Ave., The Junction, Toronto M6P 2R1

DODA :: A Sojourn Continuum - Part II
Eclectic Revival
3075 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 2N1

Ariel Estulin :: Patagonia: Fire & Ice
Kingsway Chiropractic
3021 Dundas St W St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z1

Brian Anderson; Tammy Hoy; Moira McElhinney; Mark Raynes Roberts :: resonance
Latitude 44 Gallery Framing Decor
2900 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Y8

Adam C. Freire :: Untitled
Metropolis Living
2989 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z4

Per Kristiansen :: Piles
2959 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z2

Shelley Wildeman :: Semi-Natural State
2919 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Y8

Phillipa C. :: Portraits of Nature
Phillipa C. Photography
3063 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z5

Sherry Prenevost :: Impressions, Imprints and Journeys
Picture It Framed
3071 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z2

Maria Szemplinska :: Yet Unforbidden
The Sweet Potato
2995 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1R2

Kanchan Maharaj :: Where We Live
Tea Blendz
2877 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 2Z2

Terry Dolle :: Niagara Falls, Up Close and Personal
The Beet Organic Cafe
2945 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z2

Miklos Legrady :: Dreaming in Colour
The Hair Lounge
2940 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Y8

Bonnie Penfold :: Timelines The Tate Modern
Vesuvio Pizzeria & Spaghetti House
3010 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 2R1

Jim Blomfield :: Shapes of Bryggen
West Toronto Paint and Wallpaper
2975 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 1Z8

+ Continue down Dundas Street West at the SE corner of Quebec Ave to the Wise Daughters and past Clendenan Ave to the Telephone Booth Gallery! Also openings on the same night.

Gili Haimovich; Shelley P. Jones; Vivek McCague; Vika Ross; Sonya J. Young :: Five Photographers
Wise Daughters Craft Market
3079B Dundas St W., The Junction., Toronto M6P 1Z9

Heather Benning :: The Dollhouse
Telephone Booth Gallery
3148 Dundas St W., The Junction, Toronto M6P 2A1

The CONTACT 2012 Calendar Saturday, May 5
The CONTACT 2012 Exhibits + Photographers + Venues in the Junction

CONTACT photography festival transforms the Junction artscape into a huge PUBLIC photo gallery: take your best shot!

CONTACT 2011 Photography in the Junction: Opening Night May 7, 2011, by artjunction.blogspot.comCollage: Contact Photography in the Junction: Figure & Ground
flickr: CONTACT 2011 Photography in the Junction:
Opening Night Gala & Film Screening, Saturday, May 7, 2011
2011 @ artjunction.blogspot.com

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Directions: Bringing Mobile Digital Art into an Art Gallery

Marilyn Lightstone : New Directions

iPad paintings printed on canvas

April 12 - 28, 2012

Latitude 44 gallery framing décor
2900 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6P 1Y8
Tel. 416-769-2900
Fax 416-769-2902

Latitude 44 Gallery hosts a solo show of Marilyn Lightstone’s new artworks entitled New Directions, running from April 12 to 28, 2012. For more information call 416-769-2900, or go to
www.latitude44gallery.ca .

If you would like to read more about this show please go to an Inside Toronto article:
Artist finds new inspiration with iPad
Marilyn Lightstone's creations will be on display at Latitude 44 Gallery

by Lisa Rainford