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CONTACT 2017 Photography in the Junction: Exhibitions + Venues: Opening Receptions: Saturday, May 6

CONTACT 2017 Photography Festival in the West Toronto Junction
CONTACT 2017 Photography Festival in the West Toronto Junction Neighbourhood
Credit: http://scotiabankcontactphoto.com/search?q=junction
 "In recognition of the 150th anniversary of confederation, the Festival focuses on Canada through a series of exhibitions, public installations and events."
~ Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival - Focus on Canada

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival & The Junction BIA

Photography in the Junction

May 1 - 31, 2017
10 venues, 18 artists, 1 creative neighbourhood!

Enjoy the work of 18 photographers in 10 locations along Dundas Street West from Quebec Avenue to Keele Street.

Opening Receptions: Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Time: 6 - 9 pm

Location: Dundas Street West
[between Keele Street & Quebec Avenue]

9 Open Exhibitions + 1 Featured  Exhibition:

Projects for the Page
Marco Buonocore, Alice Dixon, Aaron Friend Lettner, Kirby Pilcher, Luke Strosnider, Anthony Randall, Robyn York

May 1–31
Reception: May 6, 6pm–9pm

Junction - ARTiculations, Earl Selkirk Gallery
2928 Dundas St W

An exhibition of photobooks published by Anchorless Press, an independent publisher focusing on artist books that challenge traditional publishing conventions using the medium of the publication as a work of art. Through collaboration and careful attention to materials, each book employs various printing and binding methods, creating stand-alone “projects for the page.”

Curated by Anchorless Press

Visions of a Dynamic Earth
Mark Robinson

May 1–31

Junction - Axis Gallery & Grill
3048 Dundas St W 

The Earth moves and we must move with it. Robinson is a world explorer and storm chaser. Carrying his camera, along with a healthy sense of adventure, he has documented Earth at its most dynamic. He’s captured tornadoes, volcanoes, fires, lightning, and ice, all of which are part of a planet that is forever changing. These are moments in motion stopped for 1/60th of a second.
Contact: The StormHunters Blog

night vision
Richard Kuzniak

May 1–31
Reception: May 6, 6pm–9pm

Junction - Coolearth Architecture Inc.
386 Pacific Ave

At night, the camera lens can reveal more than what the eye initially registers, creating a painterly quality that emphasizes colour and form. The variety of illumination, whether street lamp, fluorescent, neon, or sodium vapour, endows a unique glow to even the most common scenes and objects. Parking lots, laneways, storage yards, industrial sites, parks, and businesses closed for the night take on new personas, transformed by the darkness.

Contact:  eventbrite: Night Vision -- Contact Photography

aqua botanica
Linda Briskin

May 2–21
Reception: May 6, 6pm–9pm

Junction - Helen + Hildegard
3036 Dundas St W 

The series aqua botanica honours the ephemeral offerings from the sea. Each photograph preserves seaweed washed up on the western shores of Newfoundland, and attempts to capture both its essence and its dimensionality. This series also speaks to the capacity of photography to preserve, transform, and reimagine found objects.

Curated by Sonya D’Cunha
Contact: Linda Briskin ::: Gallery    

City Life / Rural Life
Brian Anderson, Golrokh Keshavarz, Michael Lindon

May 1–31
Reception: May 6, 6pm–9pm

Junction - Latitude 44
2900 Dundas St W

Anderson exhibits his series Yellow Cloth, which explores colour, shape, and light as the cloth morphs beneath the surface of the lakeshore. Keshavarz’s In Living Colour collection focuses on early morning street life and interactions and exchanges happening as people leave nightclubs, stumbling onto the streets. With Rural Scenes, Lindon, who left the city two years ago, shows a collection of scenes capturing the ups and downs of rural life.

Curated by Janet Di Bernardo
Contact: Latitude 44: Gallery, Framing, Decor

That Night We Forgot To Dance
Phillipa Croft

May 1–31
Reception: May 6, 6pm–9pm

Junction - Phillipa C. Photography
3063 Dundas St W 

An observation (photographically) of human antics. Funny and weird, the images are fuelled by a curiosity in the photo-making medium and curiosity itself.

Curated by Phillipa C.
Contact: Phillipa C. Photography

Toronto at Night with Available Light
Krista White

May 1–28

Junction - Vesuvio's Pizzeria and Spaghetti House
3010 Dundas St W 

Toronto at Night with Available Light is an exploration of positive and negative space in which everyday objects transform in the sparse light and become altered and unfamiliar. White’s challenge is to create effective and evocative images within the limits of nighttime, using only the light that is present. Prints in black and white only further the impression of darkness and the sometimes haunting effect of limited light.

Curated by Krista White
Contact: klwphotography

Grand Motion
Jim Blomfield

May 1–31
Reception: May 6, 6pm–9pm

Junction - West Toronto Paint
2975 Dundas St W

How do you photograph what you cannot see? To address this challenge, Blomfield chooses to use artistic licence, a swing lens camera, appropriate shutter speeds, and camera rotation. He is thus able to mimic, photographically, what his imagination tells him is happening, unseen, with and within seemingly smooth, steady streams of water flowing over dams along the Grand River.

Contact: Jim Blomfield Photo-artist

Sweetland, Canada
Kristin Sweetland

May 6–31
Reception: May 6, 6pm–9pm

Junction – Dirty Food Catering
3070 Dundas St W 

Sweetland, Canada features photographs from the photographer’s continuing Adventures in Sweetland series of self-portraits. The images were captured during her extensive travels back and forth across Canada as a solo touring musician. Depicting a side of the country that is mysterious, magical, and at times quite spiritual, this series celebrates the 150th anniversary of Confederation and tells the story of one Canadian’s journey across a fantastical land that is seemingly all her own.

Contact: Kristin Sweetland

Featured  Exhibition
Meera Margaret Singh

May 6–June 3
Reception: May 6, 4pm–6pm

May 27, 3pm–4:30pm
Artist Talk
Artist Meera Margaret Singh will discuss her exhibition in the context of her 2012 residency in Jardim, Brazil, which generated the series on display in the gallery.

Zalucky Contemporary
3044 Dundas St W 

The photographs in Jardim were taken by Meera Margaret Singh during a two-month artist residency in 2012 in Jardim Canada, Brazil, an isolated industrial town primarily made up of factories, warehouses, and improvised housing for a transitory workforce. Captured through the camera is an urban landscape oscillating between growth and decay. What is revealed through the printed photographs, however, is a self-reflexive meditation on the artist’s experience of that time.

Contact: Zalucky Contemporary

Meera Margaret Singh: Jardim, at Zalucky Gallery, May 6 to June 3
The Toronto artist made these photographs at a residency in an isolated industrial town called Jardim Canada in Brazil, expressing the tensions of living in a place that’s unsafe for women.
by Fran Schechter
NOW Toronto: 20 must-sees at Contact Photo Festival 2017

CONTACT Photography in The Junction: Map + Venues
Photography in the Junction: May 1 - 31, 2017, Map
Capture Map: Photography in the Junction: May 1 - 31, 2017
Credit: scotiabankcontactphoto: map

CONTACT in The Junction Map:

1. Dirty Food Catering: 3070 Dundas St W
2. Phillipa C. Photography: 3063 Dundas St W
3. Axis Gallery & Grill: 3048 Dundas St W
4. Zalucky Contemporary: 3044 Dundas St W
5. Helen + Hildegard: 3036 Dundas St W
6. Vesuvio's Pizzeria: Bending Spoons Gallery: 3010 Dundas St W
7. Coolearth Architecture Inc.: 386 Pacific Ave
8. West Toronto Paint: 2975 Dundas St W
9. ARTiculations: Earl Selkirk Gallery: 2928 Dundas St W
10. Latitude 44: Gallery, Framing, Decor: 2900 Dundas St W

Photography in the West Toronto Junction: May 1 - 31, 2017, poster
Poster: Photography in the Junction: May 1 - 31, 2017
Opening Receptions: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Image Credit: The Junction BIA: Contact 2017

Please come and celebrate another great year of Photography in the Junction - part of Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

National Poetry Month Celebration in the Junction

National Poetry Month in the Junction Photo: @artjunctionto

Famous Last Words Bar. The “P” Word poetry reading in the Junction. 

Celebrating National Poetry Month

When: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time:  7-10 pm
Venue: Famous Last Words
Address: 392 Pacific Avenue, Toronto, ON M6P 2R1

(South-West corner of Pacific and Dundas)


Credit: @flwtoronto

Plus: All through April. 

The “P” Word. Celebrating National Poetry Month in the Junction.
Self guided walking and reading tour of poems posted in store windows along Dundas St. West between Keele and High Park Ave.

Please email for more info: mooneatersue@gmail.com


Official 2017 National Poetry Month NPM17 poster 
Credit: poets.ca/

Celebrate National Poetry Month 2017 this April!
To think of time–of all that retrospection!
To think of to-day, and the ages continued henceforward!

From “To Think of Time” by Walt Whitman

theme: Time
hashtags: #NPM17 or #poeticmoment or #poetrymonth
updates: @CanadianPoets
visit: poets.ca/npm.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Junction Summer Solstice Is Scheduled for Saturday, June 24

Toronto Junction Summer Solstice Festival 2012, by artjunction.blogspot.com Flickr's Photo: The Junction Summer Solstice Festival
It's early morning and The Junction is ready to celebrate the beginning of Summer
June 23, 2012 @ artjunction.blogspot.com



The Junction Summer Solstice is scheduled for Saturday June 24, allowing festival goers to celebrate the start of Toronto’s warmest season from noon to midnight on Dundas Street West, from Keele to High Park Street and beyond.

Toronto, ON - April 1, 2017 - The Junction’s Summer Solstice Festival has been a long standing tradition on the west-side of Toronto, offering crowds of all ages a full day of music, art, outdoor patios, leisurely shopping, and entertaining programs. An early focus on healthy living activities and events has expanded to include live music, artists, premier dining options, and children's programming.  

The Junction BIA has announced today that the Summer Solstice event will be held on Saturday June 24 this year. Those working on the festival promise an increase in activities from the already packed agenda of previous years. The 2017 event will also see an expansion of shopping and programming into evening, to intensify the nighttime portion of the festival.

“We have seen a big spike in the number of amazing restaurants opening up in the area and so many of them started getting accolades from local press right off the bat! As a neighbourhood that includes Shamone, Stadt Cafe, and Famous Last Words, to just name a few places getting incredible reviews right now, we want the festival to really feature our great restaurants and nightlife this year,” says Christine Sweeton, Executive Director for The Junction BIA.

“But Summer Solstice is far from being just a food festival,” adds Chair of The Junction BIA Board of Management, Heather Phillips. “We always try to provide things that cover a wide range of interests and make the event fun for all ages.” Phillips co-owes a local art studio and supply shop. Her contributions to past festivals have been among the most memorable and often include workshops or games for kids.

In preparation for the event, The Junction BIA is busy scheduling entertainment, organizing local vendors, and working with event partners to ensure that the Summer Solstice event is the best possible kick-off to the Toronto festival season.

About the Junction BIA

The Junction Business Improvement Area is located on Dundas Street West between Indian Grove and Quebec Avenue. No longer Toronto’s best kept secret, the Junction is celebrated among residents and visitors for its old world meets new world charm. A wonderful place to explore and discover, this unique Toronto neighbourhood features a variety of retail shops, restaurants, bars, furniture shops, alternative health practitioners, fitness options, artistic enterprises, and bustling night life. Come see us where the rails meet!


Christine Sweeton
Executive Director
The Junction BIA
Phone: 416-767-9068
Email: thejunctionbia@gmail.com

The Junction BIA
396 Pacific Ave, Suite 205
Toronto, Ontario, M6P 2R1
Phone: 416-767-9068
Email: thejunctionbia@gmail.com

junction summer solstice festival

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Junction Residents Association's Fundraiser Function in the Junction: May 6

In support of Green13 Toronto
The Junction Residents Association
proudly presents

Annual Fundraiser


All proceeds go to Green 13, a group of Ward 13 residents concerned about the impact humans are having on our climate and environment.

When: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Time: 5 PM - LATE

Where: West Toronto Masonic Temple
Location: 151 Annette Street, Toronto, ON M6P 1P3
(next to the Annette Public Library)

$45 (advance ONLY)
From 5 to 6 PM
A cocktail hour with buck-a-shuck oysters sponsored by Honest Weight
From 6 to 8 PM
A sit-down dinner provided by local restaurants and served by local firefighters
Silent and live auctions with donations from Junction businesses
$5 (at the DOOR after 8 PM)
A live auction, cash bar 

Live music by local blues band - The Sleaper Group

Please, find mo info:

Over the past seven years, the Junction Residents Association has donated $41,297.06 to important local charities.
Thanks for your support.

This year you can eat fresh oysters on a half shell, sip wine and have firemen serve your choice of dinners, appetizers and deserts – and don’t forget our complete bar with the finest ales, wines, scotch and whiskey - plus music by The Sleaper Group.

It’s your choice of buttered chicken or vegetarian dinners cooked to perfection; or, savoury barbecue brisket and appetizer. The hand made pierogis stuffed with cheesy potatoes and caramelize onions are simply superb.
Get your tickets here >>

This year will be bigger and better!