Saturday, March 03, 2018

Art Exhibition Short Tales in Colour by Ozrenko Mrkic

"Short Tales in Color" Art Exhibition by Ozrenko Mrkic, March 2-18, 2018, Serbian Heritage Academy, Toronto
Poster: Art Exhibition of New works by Ozrenko Mrkic
"Short Tales in Colour", March 2-18, 2018
at Gallery of Serbian Heritage Academy
2381 Dundas Street W., Toronto ON M6P 1X2

Gallery of Serbian Heritage Academy presents
Art Exhibition of new works by Ozrenko Mrkic

Short Tales in Colour

Venue: Art Gallery of The Serbian Heritage Academy of Canada
Address: 2381 Dundas Street W., Toronto ON M6P 1X2
(One block north of Dundas subway station)

Exhibition is open from March 2 to March 18, 2018

Gallery is open: Tuesday - Sunday
Time: 12am - 7pm

The artist will be present in gallery every day
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 3, 7pm-10pm

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Short Tales in Color

About Artist: Ozrenko Mrkic

Art Salon 2013: Ozrenko Mrkic
Credit: ArtSalon 2013
My work is personal; each piece represents an individual thought and experience I have drawn from my own sense of spirituality and culture. It is a subconscious journey between my body, my soul and surrounding energy.

My approach can be understood by the old adage: “Paint from nature, but do not paint nature as it is.” This is essentially what I try to do. If I were to make myself strictly paint from reality I would be undermining my own sense of reason with every move I make.

To me, paintings clothe the processes of the human soul in a plastic form and function to enrich our lives. Unlike science, art requires one to explore new territory often without any controls in place. I enjoy the fact that art is not definitive and offers such a broad field to make bold statements.

SHA Art Gallery
Part of Ozrenkov's works can be viewed on artist's website: Fine Art by Ozrenko Novine Toronto: Intervju sa povodom
OZRENKO MRKIĆ - SLIKAR. "Slikarstvo je opsesija - čarobno stanje koje čoveka dovodi u stanje da zaboravi na stvarnost i svijet oko sebe" (O.M.)
by Ivana Đorđević
28. Februar 2018. Newspapers Toronto: Interview with the occasion (Google Translation)
OZRENKO MRKIĆ - SLIKAR. "Painting is an obsession - a magical state that makes man forget about reality and the world around him" (O.M.)
by Ivana Djordjevic
February 28, 2018 Ozrenko Mrkic Izlozba