Sunday, June 03, 2007

National Ballet of Canada: Class on Stage and We Mean It

Ballet a La Carte photo by artjunctionBallet a La Carte
The creative idea was inspired by the National Ballet of Canada “Class on Stage"
luminaTO’s event and lunch at the Hosu Bistro.

2007 @
Class on Stage
Saturday June 2, 2007
1:00 pm – 2:15 pm
Watch the National Ballet’s dancers take class on stage at the Four Seasons Centre. Artist-in-Residence Rex Harrington will lead the dancers in their daily training routine while Senior Ballet Master Peter Ottmann provides insightful commentary. The event is part of Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts & Creativity 2007 and is free of charge. Doors open at 12:00 pm - arrive early, seating is limited.
Credit: LUMINATO: Toronto Festival of Arts & Creativity 2007

Notes & Impressions:
Saturday, June 2nd 2007

When Olga rang to tell me that the COC was hosting a ballet show called “Classes on Stage” at first I had my doubts, but agreed to come anyway.
I imagined a bunch of sweating dancers in tights doing warm-up moves with one hand clutching a long horizontal bar. As it turned out that was the beginning of the show, so I found myself dozing off.
Then they removed the bars! I set up, when I saw the dancers started to do their leaps and bounds into air like so many flying gazelles. It was a quite a treat seeing them giving their best performance, and repeating some of the more difficult steps for us. And Rex Harrington, NBC’s main dancer, kept the atmosphere relaxed and everyone of good humor.
All in all it was a show worth seeing and so graciously given.
2007 © Olivia

National Ballet Back Stage
When you watch ballet, you are amazed at how they make it look so easy. You take it for granted. You think it’s all their second nature. Part of it, certainly, is. But the rest is hard work day in and day out.
To spend almost two hours just to warm up BEFORE daily rehearsals and then hours of rehearsing, sounds like an excruciatingly painful daily routine. I’ve just watched one such routine – National Ballet’s Class on Stage in the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, and appreciated the hard work the performers put into their art for us to enjoy.
Thank you NBC!
2007 © Enhee

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National Ballet of Canada: Class on Stage and We Mean It

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