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A brand-new ROM and Ancient Peru Unearthed - A Must-See!

Welcome to the Crystal Age photo by

"Welcome to the Crystal Age!"
The public opening of ROM’s new Michael Lee-Chin Crystal extension
designed by Daniel Libeskind in Toronto, Sunday, June 3, at 0:30 am.
The ROM opened its doors for free access for public, throughout the night and into the following day.
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Notes & Impressions:
Sunday, June 3rd 2007

The Royal Ontario Museum re-opened its doors last week-end and to celebrate its renovated interiors plus the installation of the Lee-Chin Crystal the public were invited to join the celebrations. I was among the crowds who were able to appreciate the new ROM first-hand at its opening last Sunday.

The exhibition that most interested me was the Peruvian treasures excavated from an ancient tomb, a temporary exhibit on loan to the ROM. I headed directly for it as I may just not have another chance to see it.

On the way I saw the interiors behind the Lee-Chin Crystal structure which allowed visitors to have a panoramic view of Toronto through the glass panels, especially on the higher floors. Innovative and refreshing, a change from the “old” ROM I knew. Many new features have also been added such as large, silent elevators and steel-mesh bridges connecting the new crystal-wings to the main building.

I had the urge to visit all the sections at once- so many things to discover! But I maintained my original plan and with the help of museum staff I found the entrance to the collection of treasures from Peru. I did expect to be amazed but what I saw blew me away! It was quite a large collection of artifacts that had been buried together with an ancient Indian tribal Lord from the Northern coast of Peru, many made of solid gold, attesting to the sophistication and skill of the goldsmiths and other craftsmen of the day. Such fine work, worthy of today’s goldsmiths who use precision tools. Other artifacts were equally spectacular in terms of minute and precise detail. We have to thank the organizers of the exhibit for the extraordinary detail and attention they gave in preserving and presenting the exhibit to enable the visitor not only to admire, but to understand the significance of each item and the civilization to which it belonged.

I took my time, and thoroughly enjoyed learning about this ancient culture.
A spectacular exhibit, go and see it before it leaves! By the time I finished viewing it closing time had approached. I plan to return and see the rest of the New ROM, a Must!
2007 © Olivia

Ancient Peru UnearthedAncient Peru Unearthed: Golden Treasures of a Lost Civilization
At the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto, ON, Canada until August 6, 2007
Discover what was uncovered in an undisturbed, gold-filled tomb in this intriguing look into the mysterious pre-Inca Sicán civilization from northern Peru.


ROM News Release: Toronto Welcomes Michael Lee-Chin Crystal on its Opening Weekend

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The ROM WebCam Live: from the roof of the downtown Park Hyatt Toronto

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A brand-new ROM and Ancient Peru Unearthed - A Must-See!

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