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Toronto Evening of Opera and Operetta with Soprano Helena Holl

Toronto Concerts and Events: Helena Holl, Soprano, April 20th, 2007Poster: Annual Evening of Opera and Operetta 2007

An Evening of Opera and Operetta

* Arias and duets from G. Bizet's Carmen
* Operetta arias from Lehar, Strauss, Kalman and much more
* Performers: Helena Holl (Soprano), Geoffrey Butler (Tenor), Jan Vaculik (Bass-Baritone), Mila Pashanova (Soloist Pianist)
* Narrated by Anthony Morizio and Violetta Holl.

When: Friday, April 20, 2007

Showtime: 7:30 pm

Where: Christ Church Deer Park
Location Map: 1570 Yonge St.,Toronto, ON M4T 1Z8
NW corner of Yonge & Heath
(Yonge Street and St. Clair Ave. intersection)

Tickets: $30.00
Information: Tel/Fax: 416-783-9522

Event Details:
On April 20, 2007 Christ Church Deer Park is hosting a sparkling and magnificent evening of opera and operetta in a programme to include arias and duets from G. Bizet's Carmen, and popular operetta arias by Lehar, Strauss, Kalman, and much more.
Performers are Helena Holl (Soprano), Geoffrey Butler (Tenor), Jan Vaculik (Bass-Baritone), Mila Pashanova (Soloist Pianist). The show is also narrated by Anthony Morizio and Violetta Holl.


Part I: Opera

The first part of the concert will feature a melodrama in one act titled Carmen. This French opera was composed by Georges Bizet and based on a novel by Prosper Merimee. The opera was premiered at the Opéra Comique of Paris on March 3, 1875. Today, it is one of the world's most popular operas. In fact, Opera America claims it to be the fourth most-performed opera in North America.

Scene 1:
Imagine a square in Seville, Spain in the 19th century surrounded by factories and barracks. A bell announces the end of the shift at the factory. Among the factory workers is Carmen, the beautiful gypsy girl who catches sight of Don José and boldly goes up to him singing. Noticing his indifference, she challenges him by dancing a vortical "Habanera":"Love you not me, then I love you, / Yet, if I love you, beware of me!", and throwing a red rose in his direction she leaves.

Scene 2:
At José’s feet lies the flower thrown by Carmen. Hesitatingly, he picks it up, presses it to his nostrils and draws in its subtle perfume in a long breath. Then, still as if involuntarily, or as if a magic spell lies in its odour, he places the flower under his shirt and over his heart. It is a constant reminder of his growing love for Carmen. The ''torero'' Escamillo, winner of the Granada bullfight, arrives and is immediately attracted to Carmen.
Carmen is already thinking of other suitors and her indifference accentuates Don José's jealousy. This jealousy leads to a fight between the two men.

Scene 3:
The day of the bullfight Escamillo, appears arm in arm with Carmen as Don José is spying on her. Carmen knows this, but nevertheless defies the danger. José appears, humbles himself before Carmen and begs her to start a new life with him. Carmen tells him:"You never can make me love you again. No one can make me do anything. Free I was born, free I die." Escamillo's victory interrupts the bitter discussion. Carmen rushes towards the torero. When José stops her, she brutally, cynically and openly declares her love for the torero. José, blinded by his mad passion, stabs her in the heart. Don José falls on Carmen's body, cries out to her in desperation and lets himself be arrested. He has killed his love.


Part II: Operetta

Performers will let the magic of the operetta take over from famous composers such as Lehar, Strauss and Kalman. You will enjoy well known arias from The Gypsy Princess, Countess Maritza, The Circus Princess, and much more.

Toronto Concerts and Events: Helena Holl, Soprano, ArtJunction.BlogSpot.ComPhoto Gallery: Helena Holl - Soprano

Join Helena Holl for her annual opera and operetta evening.


4/6/2007, Выпуск № 478
Еженедельная газета «Русский Экспресс»
Сейчас Хелена очень много гастролирует по Америке, звезды ведь должны светить везде и очень приятно, что эта звезда наша.
Вскоре и в Торонто состоится концерт Хелены Холл, в котором примут участие тенор Джеффри Батлер, бас-баритон Ян Вакулек, пианистка Мила Пашанова. Чарующие звуки музыки Кальмана, Штрауса, Легара, бессмертные арии и дуэты из оперы Бизе «Кармен» в исполнении настоящих звезд, наполнят зал Christ Church 20 апреля 2007 г.
Елена Лапп
Credit: Русский Экспресс

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Toronto: Salute to Opera Talents!
An Evening of Opera and Operetta 2006

Poster: Salute to Vienna: World's Greatest New Year's Concert
Credit: The Music Scene Ontario
Ottawans can ring in the New Year Austrian-style with "A Salute to Vienna". Billed as "An official recreation of Vienna's famous New Year's concert," the performance features something called the "Strauss Symphony of Canada™" conducted by Bernhard Schneider, with soprano Helena Holl, tenor Wolfgang Gratschrmaier and the National Ballet of Hungary. Jan 1 at Southern Hall.
The Music Scene Ontario, Winter 2007, Vol.5.2, Page 23

Bravo School of Music Concerts and Events: Helena Holl, Soprano, April 20th, 2007, Toronto, CanadaBravo School of Music Concerts and Events
Helena Holl, Soprano. Friday, April 20th, 2007, 7:30 pm.

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