Saturday, May 26, 2007

Megobrebi Means Friends: Torontonian Georgian Singing Groups Performance

Megobrebi Poster
Come celebrate Georgian Independence Day with
a Toronto Women’s Georgian Singing Ensemble
in a Concert of Beautiful Georgian Vocal Harmonies
Saturday, May 26, 2007 at 3 pm
Christ the Saviour Russian Orthodox Cathedral
823 Manning Avenue (at Follis)
The Church is located between Bloor and Dupont and Christie and Bathurst;
close to the Christie Subway Station
Tickets: $10
For further information, contact or
Other Torontonian Georgian Singing Groups Performing:
Credit: Megobrebi

Megobrebi - Toronto Women's Georgian Singing Ensemble
Bie Engelen, chunir

Visiting the Republic of Georgia – in downtown Toronto

This was my first experience attending a concert of a choir singing Georgian folk songs. The extraordinary thing about the event was the choir singers were all Canadians! It was there too that I learned there were four different Georgian choral groups in Toronto, and all of their singers are Canadian!
So many Georgian folklore enthusiasts in Canada! The question that begs to be asked: Why isn’t there any Georgian involved? Hmm…
The concert, interestingly enough, was held in a Russian Orthodox Church, and the MC turned out to be Father Oleg Kirilov of that Church.
Quite an unusual afternoon, worth repeating one day. Hopefully in the near future.

Trio Kundzuli

Georgia’s Independence Day in Toronto
Toronto is indeed a multicultural city. Where else can we find ourselves in a Russian Orthodox Church listening to Georgian songs performed by a Canadian choir? To commemorate Georgia’s Independence Day? And not just any Georgian songs, but Georgian folk songs ranging from lullabies to wedding cheers that are being enthusiastically preserved by world music lovers in Toronto.
Appreciation of different cultures is what brings us together, through songs, music and other arts. Perhaps the most direct, efficient, and certainly, most pleasant way.
Toronto is a great place to be to learn about the world…

Megobrebi in a concert of beautiful Georgian vocal harmonies May 26, 2007

ucxoelebi mgerian qartulad
26 maiss torontoshi gaimarta qalta ansambli "MEGOBREBI"-s koncerti.
by kggj
Credit: georgian blog

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Megobrebi Means Friends: Torontonian Georgian Singing Groups Performance

1 comment:

The Vision Builder said...

Dear Olga:

Thanks for the link of the Georgian Blog...It was a memorable Evening indeed!
But you missed the Slovakian Dance Group Vychodna from Toronto, there were 6 of them and a singer and 2 performers, 1 violin and 1 accordion from reality you did not have to pay, it was at 1 p.m. Here is their link The Toronto Dance Group is from Mississauga really but they started years ago in Toronto, by the way the Girl Singer was speaking Russian also, and we spoke Russian with her.
And one man told me that there was a Conference in Europe of Representatives from all Slavic speaking Countries including Russia and they all agreed that the Mother Country of all the Slavs is Slovakia and the Mother Language. It is interesting the Slovaks have the same flag as the Russians with the addition of a Russian Cross....but of course the Russian Language is the best developed now and Russia is the leading Country of all the Slavs now.
It was nice to meet some Georgians at the Georgian Day there, and Fr. Oleg did a great job in sponsoring it.
At the Bernard Betel Center at 1003 Steels Ave. West at 7 p.m. 16 of June will be a new play "Vchera bila Vaina" by the Russian Music Drama Youth Theatre by Nikolay Cherkasov. Check their site
And also the Russian Summer Festival (Russian Carousel Cultural Centre) will be on Sunday, June the 10th at the Earl Bales Park at Sheppard/Bathurst this time not at the at the Mel Lastman Square.
Thanks again for your email and see you at both events there.

Your good friend Yakov.