Monday, October 01, 2007

Nuit Blanche Inspirational Poetry

2 am Nuit Blanche on TTC words travel fast2:01 am: Nuit Blanche program on TTC Network words travel fast
It was 2:01 am in the Nuit Blanche morning
I took a subway to go to the Junction
With a crystal halo tied up the Moon
I got tied too.
It was too late
Too much.

At 2 o’clock in the Nuit Blanche morning
I took a subway to go to the Junction.
A crystal halo tied the Moon up warning
I got tied too: it was too late, too much to function.
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Reminder: Onestop announces Nuit Blanche program on TTC Network Words Travel Fast

Words Travel Fast

Group exhibition curated by Art for Commuters
LCD screens on all TTC subway platforms
Words Travel Fast sets poetry into motion on the TTC network screens. Poets Emily Pohl-Weary, Emily Schultz and Zoe Whittall collaborate with motion graphics artists Franco Barroeta, Emma Lopez and Karen Richardson, creating unique motion-poems. A project by Onestop Media and Art for Commuters.

nuit blanche poetry

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Will Dapple said...

Brava, Olga! You should continue on your poetry quest! An exciting and never-ending journey indeed!

olga said...

Thank you, Will:

You are a great repoeter with a wonderful tagline: "Catching rhymes with my tongue and lips, saving rhymes with my fingertips." I will follow your repoerts or repoems on The Goal Frame.