Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Toronto Junction's Rich Living Exposition of Art: the Local Option

Junction Local Option: Artist Nathan Stroud presented his work 'The Dream in High Park'The 'Junction City' Centennial Event: the Local Option Art Awards Tour
Artist: Nathan Stroud
Junction Theme: "The Dream in High Park"
Vote for Your Favourite Artists: 20 venues, 27 artists, last day - Sunday, September 7, 2008

"The blue wall at The Athens House of Beauty looks like it was made for Nathan Stroud's work 'The Dream in High Park'."
~ cr
As the Art of the Junction project continues we bring you updates and news items on activities happening at the different locations.

Guilding Adam and Eve for the Dream in the Park

The Local Option Art Awards has created some wonderful vignettes of cultural history in the Junction as part of the Centennial Celebrations.

Vera Litynsky's painting for the Organic Beet created the smiles that set the tone for this element of the Centennial Celebrations.

Darleen Adams of the Hair Lounge phoned to ask if Filip Matouina might like to show more of his work there. She had already had someone inquire about buying his original entry.

Some businesses have chosen to sponsor and artists are showing a number of pieces by the same artist. In a trade deal at Pascal's Bakery and Baguette, Nathan Stroud acquired a sheaf of gold leaf in exchange for a children's colouring book called "Peace to Colour, Draw and Sing" to which he is a contributing artist. The gold leaf will be applied to his painting of Adam and Eve (playing Titania and Bottom) on display at The Athens House of Beauty.

Several artists in this project have received offers for their work and there have already been a few sales. The West Toronto Junction Historical Society is pleased to have provided the opportunity to create these blossoms of cultural identity.

Bonnie McKenzies' painting at the West End Holistic Centre tells a wonderful story about a parrot: how something so exotic can be so inherently part of the spirit of the place is reassuring.

Olga Weiczorek's sculpture in the Relax Shack is a very complimentary relationship between art and business.

Dionne Goyette's painting is shown in a perfect niche at Taylor's Shoes.

Alan Fergusons' Junction Raider and Lisa Kristine's piece, Train of Thought at the Early Years Centre are proving to be favorites.

Ballots are available at all locations.

Cara Reeves, WTJHSCC

Please visit or Latitude 44 for a list of participating businesses.

Vital Links Between Arts and Business: Toronto Junction Local Option
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