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Romeo and Juliet – the Ballet of Timeless Love

Romeo and Juliet, National Ballet of Canada, world premier, Jiří Jelinek as Tybalt and artists of the ballet, credit:
Jiří Jelinek as Tybalt and artists of the ballet in Romeo and Juliet
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Romeo and Juliet World Premiere
National Ballet of Canada
November 16-27, 2011
Four Seasons Centre for the Perfoming Arts
145 Queen Street West, Toronto

A historic event took place on November 16, 2011 in Toronto - The world premiere of the new "Romeo and Juliet" ballet was greatly anticipated by the full house audience at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. When the curtain lifted on an entirely original choreography by the renowned artist, Alexei Ratmansky, a timeless tale of undying love unfolded.

The National Ballet of Canada’s Guillaume Cote and Elena Lobsanova were unforgettable as the famous star-crossed lovers. Their performance moves the heart to tears, and reminds us of the enduring love that triumphs over death. The young dancers reached sublime perfection in their portrayal of the tragic couple. Guillaume Cote is a high-energy, romantic Romeo, who emits vitality and valour with every move. Elena Lobsanova is breathtaking as the exuberant Juliet; she conveys deep emotions and intricate steps through brilliant lightness and purity.

The William Shakespeare's classic love story is vibrantly expressed by the masterful interplay of characters whose roles are integral to the plot. Alexei Ratmansky’s choreography is rich with complicated lifts, jumps and turns, every moment of the ballet is active and emotive, filled with complex dance sequences, clever humour and powerful drama. Piotr Stanczyk dances a witty and charismatic Mercutio and Jiri Jelinek portrays an ominous Tybalt, their actions together with the rivalry of the two houses are pivotal to the fate of Romeo and Juliet.

The ballet builds in dramatic intensity and reaches its apex in the last act with the fateful end of the lovers’ lives. But their love lives on as Romeo and Juliet, husband and wife, follow each other into eternity. Their love unites rivalling families and transcends death, as Romeo and Juliet live on forever in spirit, saved by each others’ love. It is this vital message that the ballet conveys, as the audience sees its beloved characters dying in each others’ arms.

The new ballet is an epic undertaking to resurrect a story which is based on true events - a story which tends to repeat itself at various times in history, showing that its message is not understood. It takes great masterpieces such as the one born on the stage of the National Ballet of Canada, to transmit the moral of the story anew. This phenomenal new choreography, set to legendary music by Sergei Prokofiev, is created by great masters and artists, including set and costumes design by Richard Hudson. It is a production which unlike the previous version of the ballet involves the full corps de ballet of the Company and is a full-length classical ballet attuned to the contemporary life.

On stage until November 27, 2011, the groundbreaking ballet is an inspiring and exhilarating experience which will be cherished for generations. To see this beautiful ballet, with its exceptional dancers, superlative choreography and outstanding performance, is to participate in history and to realise the constant moral of life, that love never fails and endures everything.

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The National Ballet of Canada
Romeo and Juliet: The Trailer Romeo and Juliet: The Trailer
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Thank you to our amazing opening night audience for your 10 minute ovation and raptuous response to the world premiere of Romeo and Juliet.
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