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Vasyl Popadiuk Improvisation from the Heart Charity Concert, March 24, Tickets Online

Poster: Improvisation from the Heart by violin virtuoso Vasyl Popadiuk, with The Art of Life Community Health Centre, March 24, 2012
Poster: The Art of Life Community Health Centre
together with Vasyl Popadiuk, violin virtuoso
Present charity concert "Improvisation from the Heart"
Saturday, March 24, 2012, 7:30 pm

World Music Fusion
Improvisation from the Heart
Charity Concert Supporting Gifted Children with Special Needs

by violin virtuoso Vasyl Popadiuk

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time: 7:30 pm

Where: Cringan Hall
Location: 100 Princess Avenue
Toronto, M2N 3R7

For information & tickets call:
416-449-6747 or buy tickets online
The Art of Life Community Health Centre
885 Don Mills Road, Suite # 121, Toronto Ontario

Vasyl Popadiuk, extraordinary violinist admired throughout the world and known as "The Golden Violin", will partner with the Art of Life Community Health Center, a non-profit organization, to delight our hearts with beautiful music, raising funds for programs for gifted children with health issues.

Please join us and support this wonderful initiative and may the music of love always resonate in our world like the laughter of children. Charity Concert of Vasyl Popadiuk at the National Cancer Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine
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"The voices of Nature filled his playing — the breath of the wind and the rustle of the forest, the plash of the river, and the vague murmurings that quiver and die in the distance; and, behind it all, that deep, heart-swelling emotion, so elusive of definition, that Nature's discourse arouses in the soul. "
- V. Korolenko, The Blind Musician, An Etude
Translated from the Russian by Helen Altschuler
Progress Publishers, Moscow 1978 The best Speech - Severn Suzuki
The original speech with music and visuals - Severn Cullis Suzuki
- 1992 UN Earth Summit in Brazil
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Official Website of Violin Virtuoso Vasyl Popadiuk and the PAPADUKE Band Vasyl Popadiuk Papa Duke Vasyl Popadiuk

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