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Toronto Maltese Festival Imnarja: June 30, 2013

Toronto Maltese Festival Imnarja June 30, 2013, poster
Poster: Imnarja Festival Sunday, June 30, 2013
Credit: Malta Bake Shop and Café

Every year, Maltese Community of Toronto celebrates Maltese Imnarja Festival in Runnymede Park. Imnarja marks an important event in the calendar of Maltese traditional festivities. This year come to celebrate the Imnarja, the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul on June 30!

Imnarja Festival

Organized by the Maltese Canadian Federation

When: Sunday, June 30, 2013
The festival starts at 1:00 pm
Where: West Toronto Runnymede Park, north of Toronto Malta Village.
The park is located on 221 Ryding Ave, east of Runnymede Rd, and south of St Clair Ave West.

Malta Picnic at Runnymede Park Featuring:

The talented Maltese singer
Karen Polidano Zahra;
Folklore Dancing and Singing;
The Malta Band;
Soccer Tournament;
Lots of Entertainment.

Come and meet your friends!
Enjoy Maltese food
And an evening of entertainment!

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about Imnarja:
The Feast of St Peter and St Paul, better known as Mnarja or Imnarja. The word L'Imnarja (L-Imnarja) comes from the word luminarja (meaning "illumination"), which in turn is derived from the Latin word Luminare - to light up. The people manifest this by lighting bonfires and candles. This day is a public holiday in Malta and Gozo

Carassauga Festival: Mississauga's Festival of Cultures: Pavilion: Malta, Host: Malta Band Club Inc.

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Written by Marc Calleja Bayliss

March in the Park: Runnymede Park

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