Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Around the World Festival – Festival Around Rotunda

Christmas Around the World Festival – Festival Around Rotunda

Праздничные Народные Традиции в Торонто Сити Холле

On 3-4 December at the City Hall Rotunda took place the 41st Annual Christmas Around the World Festival.

The numerous Christian communities of Toronto had shown and sold the national hand-made articles, souvenirs and foods. Every community exposition included a fur-tree decorated in traditions of that country, where emigrants came from. Participants-volunteers have been dressed in national costumes. Music was playing and a children’s choir was chanting.

Visitors around the Russian exhibit were not only considered Russian souvenirs: matrioshkas - nested dolls, Palehsk’s caskets, wooden toys, but also listened with great attention to the stories more similar to academic lectures about Russian architecture, history and traditions of national crafts. Souvenirs got special value after the narratives, and people willingly bought them.

The Russian exposition has been organized by volunteers from the Russian-Canadian Cultural Aid Society which has recently celebrated the 55-years Anniversary.

Photo: Liudmila Cherniak
© Liudmila Cherniak


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