Thursday, May 04, 2006

CONTACT Toronto:Outdoor Projection in The Junction

Large Screen, Outdoor Still Projection in The Junction

Library and Archives Canada, Black Star Collection

When: Saturday, May 6, 2006
Time: 9 - 10PM
Where: Dundas St W @ Pacific Ave, Toronto M6P 1Z2
Public Venue, West Toronto Junction

  1. First projection will showcase images from Library and Archives Canada - collectors of our history. Projection to include images of the Canadian railway; Expo 67; Niagara Falls; Karsh; iconic Canadian images; plus recent acquisitions.>>>
  2. Second will showcase Ryerson University’s Black Star Historical: Black and White Photography Collection – an eyewitness to 20th century history. Selection of images from WWI, Vietnam and American Civil Rights Movement; popular culture; and early space exploration.>>>

T 416 767 9068
F 416 767 5036
W exhibition website

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