Monday, January 26, 2009

Public Spaces: Junction Public Square Initiative: Give It a Kick

High Park Architects idea discussion drawings: Junction Square: Multipurpose AreaJunction Square: Multipurpose Area
Junction Public Spaces – Junction Public Square Initiative

Here are some straightforward things that you can do. You may want to put up a Junction Public Space poster somewhere. We can send you one, soon we will have a local place where they can be picked up.

We need advice from you on every aspect of this initiative - feel free to give it. There are a lot of tasks to be accomplished that do not take up a lot of your time. And there are some efforts that will need a little time, you choose. We will not get this done unless a lot of people give it a kick. With that hand holding aside, please use the following resources and help us get going.

Join our low-traffic e-mail discussion list for people who care about public spaces in the Junction. Ask questions there, so everyone can help answer the questions. E-mail us at for us to add you to the list.

Contact us, and arrange a phone call, or to meet up - we even plan to have discussions where everyone tells everyone else about how the project should be run.

Robert Hilts, Artist
Marek Rozkowski, Architect

Junction Residents’ Association meeting webcasting: January 15, 2009 @ artjunction.blogspot.comJunction Residents’ Association meeting webcasting:
January 15, 2009 @

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