Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New JRA Cultural Committee: Visions for the Junction

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JRA Cultural Committee officially launched at JRA meeting July 9. Will be looking for volunteers at Sept 17 meeting. First priorities: to better coordinate info-sharing and promotion of all the amazing cultural activities in our neighbourhood, to learn from other communities how they do their programming, to help organize the Boom Times spring fling engaging secondary students in Junction history and culture.

Comment by Mary Breen on July 10, 2009

On June 15 a group of people came together to share some of our visions for the Junction, and came to the conclusion that a cultural committee under the auspices of the Junction Residents Association would help keep culture on the front burner as the association works to connect and improve our community. The JRA endorsed the creation of this committee, which is seeking volunteers. For more information, please contact Mary Breen at

What follows is an unabridged list of the ideas and wishes for the Junction brainstormed at the meeting.
  • A cinema
  • A theatre
  • A living arts program modelled on the former Gathering Space – something for everyone to participate
  • Public space with amphitheatre
  • A theatre in 11 Division
  • A comedy cabaret space
  • A spring festival
  • Programming in a public park, modelled on Dufferin Grove
  • Outdoor art installations
  • More community walks
  • A community centre with everything: daycare, clinic, studio space, dark room, performance space
  • A space for musicians
  • Something cultural instead of a car wash on the old McBride property
  • Open the caverns in the Junction
  • Create a pedestrian mall/bridge
  • A roller rink
Mary Breen
Wise Daughters Craft Market

What is the artjunction's suggestion?

[V] get more art in the Junction
[V] get more artists in the Junction
[V] get more arts supporters
[V] get more arts education funding

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