Friday, February 05, 2010

Bonanza Bolero Children's Theatre Fun Play "About the Birthday Cake" at Rebas, February 17

Bonanza Bolero felt cabaret presents interactive educational fun play for preschool age children About the Birthday Cake at Rebas Cafe and Gallery in the ArtJunction, February 17, 2010Poster: Bonanza Bolero Felt Cabaret Presents "About the Birthday Cake"
at Rebas Cafe & Gallery, February 17, 2010 @ 10:00 am
Credit: Bonanza Bolero Felt Cabaret

Bonanza Bolero felt cabaret presents:

"About the Birthday Cake"

The felt story about the Birthday Cake,
his friends and Birthday Candles
full of twists, turns and adventures...

[] interactive educational fun for preschool age children (2.5 - 7 years old)
[] 45-minute show
[] original story, characters and songs

When: Wednesday, February 17, 2010
10 am - 11 am

Where: Rebas Cafe & Gallery
3289 Dundas Street West

Just three quarters of an hour
This fun play is full of power.

Since it is not just a game,
No, it is the knowledge shower!
It'll enhance your kids' attention,
As they listen and they look.
Their language will develop,
As if they've just read a book.
Their vocabulary'll grow...
Call us now, let's start the show!
2007 © Bonanza Bolero Felt Cabaret
Boris "BOLERO" Roginsky
Phone: 416.887.5691
myspace: Bonanza Bolero
facebook: Bonanza Bolero
twitter: Bonanza Bolero

Rebas Cafe & Gallery
"Walk, Drive or Ride... It's worth the trip to Rebas"
3289 Dundas St. W.
(Just East of Runnymede Ave.)

Tuesday-Friday 8:30-6:00
Saturday-Sunday 9:00-5:00
Evenings reserved for special events & by appointment

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1 comment:

olga said...

So, the show was great!

I was glad that everything went well: everyone loved the show - the kids, the parents, the owners.

I am looking forward to the next performance.