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The Canadian Premiere of "My Perestroika" at Hot Docs 2010

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and KinoArt Festival presents My Perestroika documentary Canadian premiere screenings on Monday, May 3 and May 8, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, CanadaPoster: Canadian Premiere of My Perestroika, Directed and Filmed by Robin Hessman
Photo from the documentary: Lyuba, taking a break during a long day of teaching
Courtesy of Red Square Productions
Credit: hot docs: April 29 - May 9, 2010

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival
KinoArt Festival
invite you to attend
the Canadian premiere of

"My Perestroika"
(UK, USA),

a documentary follows five ordinary Russians living in extraordinary times, from their sheltered Soviet childhood, to the collapse of the Soviet Union during their teenage years, to the constantly shifting political landscape of post-Soviet Russia.

My Perestroika
Director: Robin Hessman
Language: Russian with English subtitles
Program: World Showcase
Exploring the dreams and disillusionments of people who were raised behind the Iron Curtain, My Perestroika is an intimate and compelling portrait of the challenges faced by the last generation of Soviet children.


Monday, May 3, 2010
Time: 9:30 PM

Saturday, May 8, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM

Where: Cumberland Cinemas
Location: 159 Cumberland Street, Toronto ON, M5R 1A2
Nearest intersection: Bloor Street & Avenue Road
Phone: 416-964-9359

For more information and tickets, click here.

Official website: http://myperestroika.com

You Tube: HotDocsFest — March 31, 2010 — Interweaving the contemporary world with fascinating home movie footage from the 1970s and 80s, My Perestroika offers an intimate and compelling portrait of the myriad challenges faced by the last of generation of Soviet children.
My Perestroika is a co-production of Red Square Productions, Bungalow Town Productions, and ITVS International, in association with American Documentary | POV and YLE Finland
Directed and Filmed by Robin Hessman

flickr.com: Robin Hessman, IFP Alum, and her MY PERESTROIKA poster
Taken on January 14, 2010
Uploaded on January 28, 2010
by www.ifp.org

newdirectors.org: My Perestroika: New Direstors / New Films

Sundancing: Sundance Film Festival coverage from our writers and editors.
Sundance Film Review: My Perestroika

"Robin Hessman's My Perestroika — a glimpse into the lives of five classmates who came of age during Communism, Perestroika, Glasnost and ...finally... a free market — on the surface may sound pedantic..."
By Andrew Pridgen

Ljova & My Perestroika at Sundance Film Festival 2010
Ljova is presently attending the Sundance Film Festival, in support of Robin Hessman's wonderful documentary My Perestroika. Enjoy three of Ljova's tracks in the film's score.

festival.sundance.org: My Perestroika’s long road
Posted by Mike Jones

"... What is most remarkable about My Perestroika are not the poignant and surprising revelations about life in Russia, but the extreme level of intimacy that Hessman maintains in each interview. Though the majority of these are sit-down, single camera interviews, they have the candor and spontaneity of verite footage. Her insight into the subject (and fluent Russian) stemmed from a fascination with the Soviet Union since grade school and almost ten years living in the country. Hessman set out to make the film in three months and ended up filming for five years, but one thing she knew from the beginning is that no history has a single truth, and even a million voices couldn’t tell the whole story..."
By Alicia Van Couvering
Posted by Scott Macaulay

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival: NEW DOCS: My Perestroika
"What happens when propaganda falls apart and the ideals you’ve been taught to uphold come crumbling down? A fresh perspective on the collapse of the Soviet Union, My Perestroika takes a familiar historical narrative and makes it personal, following five classmates who came of age during this time of enormous transition..."

onlytheblogknowsbrooklyn.com: Drinking With Divas – Robin Hessman
"My Perestroika tells the story of five forty-year-old Russians – a married couple teaching history, a single mother, an aging punk rocker, and a successful businessman – tracing their paths from childhoods behind the Iron Curtain to comings-of-age during the collapse of Communism to their disparate fortunes in modern Russia. This beautiful film has the lingering finish of a top-shelf vodka. Highly recommended!"
By Sarah Deming

pbs.org: Documentaries with a point of view: Sundance Video: Q&A With Filmmaker Robin Hessman and the Subjects of "My Perestroika"


Redmond said...

Let me introduce myself, my name is Redmond Weissenberger.

I have filed my papers, and am running against Bill Saundercook in Ward 13 to become the next city Councillor.


I live and work in the Junction and I have two small children of my own, and am concerned about the future of our neighbourhood and of Toronto.

I would like to met with you if I could to discuss our visions for the city, and see if we can find some common ground.

Contact me at redmond(at)rwforward13.ca

or 416 817 0830

Best Regards,

Redmond Weissenberger

“Carpe Diem”

olga said...

Follow the facebook.com/myperestroika:

My Perestroika has only rush tickets available for both screenings Hot Docs Film Festival...

olga said...

links & even more links:

theglobeandmail.com: Capsule reviews
The films screening at the hot docs festival
The following short reviews of films screening at Hot Docs are by James Adams, James Bradshaw, Guy Dixon, Rick Groen, Liam Lacey, Gayle MacDonald and Dave McGinn. Films are rated on a four-star system.

My Perestroika
Robin Hessman (U.K./USA)
Interviews with a group of one-time schoolmates presents a microcosm of life growing up in the latter stages of the Soviet Union and the liberation and disillusionment that followed as the Iron Curtain fell. Rather than the cold, grey USSR most often portrayed in the West, it’s a quirky, somewhat joyful look back at an era that one woman says “all sounds like a joke now,” laughing. Soviet life seems like some sort of bizarro world: Not so radically different as one might expect, yet just strange enough as to be deeply unsettling. J.B.
May 3, 9:30 p.m. Cumberland 3; May 8, 2 p.m., Cumberland 2

Новый документальный фильм известного режиссера Робин Хессман

Мировая премьера

МОЯ ПЕРЕСТРОЙКА – фильм о пяти обычных русских людях, живущих в необычное время: обычное советское детство, падение Советского Союза во время их юности, постоянно меняющийся политический пейзаж пост-советской России. Вместе эти друзья-одноклассники создают сложное полотно, где соседствуют мечты и разочарования людей, выросших за железным занавесом.

russianleader.org: Плохому человеку птица на плечо не сядет
Интервью Ирины Лебедевой с Робин Хессман

The Russian Leadership Journal Лидер #20


america.gov/st/eur-russian: Американский кинорежиссер показывает реальную жизнь в России и Америке
Фильмы способствуют культурному взаимопониманию
"Последняя работа Хессман – фильм “Моя перестройка”, который был показан 24 января на кинофестивале “Сандэнс” в Парк-Сити, штат Юта. Эта лента выражает стремление режиссера донести до американской публики срез реальной жизни в современной России. Проект рассказывает о судьбе пяти россиян, принадлежащих к уникальному поколению – последнему из тех, кто достиг совершеннолетия при Советском Союзе, и первому живущему и воспитывающему детей в демократической России (слово “перестройка” относится к реструктуризации советской политической и экономической системы посредством реформ, начатых в 1987 году бывшим советским руководителем Михаилом Горбачевым)."
05 февраля 2010 года

@jaclynlaw: saw "My Perestroika" - interesting look at lives of ordinary people behind the Iron Curtain and after the collapse of Communism
about 1 hour ago via web

Who can help @nsmalyuk [Natalia]
"No luck watching "My perestroika" through a rushed line at Cumberland. They turned down 30 people. I'll have to try again on May 8."
about 2 hours ago via web