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Georgian Polyphonic Choir Darbazi in a Concert Entitled "Gideli" Celebrating the Grape Harvest, September 23

poster: Gideli - Darbazi in Concert, September 23, 2011, Toronto ON CanadaPoster: 'Gideli' - Darbazi in Concert
Friday, September 23, 2011
Credit: darbazi.com/

“stunning harmony”
Chris Kennedy, Musicworks

“vocal polyphony at its finest”
Karen Ages, Wholenote

Clay and Paper Theatre Presents

'Gideli' - Darbazi in Concert

Friday, September 23, 2011 at 8:00 pm
Venue: York Woods Library Theatre
Location: 1785 Finch Avenue West, Toronto

Darbazi, Kakheti & Nikolasvili Wines
Celebrating the vine harvest with Georgian songs,
Georgian dancers and wonderful Georgian wine.

(Gideli is a basket traditionally used for carrying grapes during the harvest.)

Georgian polyphonic choir DARBAZI will be working again with the traditional dancers of the KAKHETI dance group. And to enhance the performance even more, NIKOLASHVILI WINES will be joining them with a selection from their vineyards.


So come and enjoy the wine, the dance, and the song

in this beautiful hall at York Woods public library

at York Woods Library Theatre

(1785 Finch Avenue West,
south side of Finch Ave. West and Tobermory Drive)

cover $20 / kids $10

click for the poster
Nikolashvili Wines at www.georgianwineonline.com

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