Thursday, July 19, 2012

Toronto Life: The List - Sophie Milman

A cute little Hedgehog toy, made in USSR,
Vintage Russian toy: A cute little Hedgehog, made in USSR
"My childhood toy — ...I call it a hedgehog,
but who knows what it actually is." Sophie Milman

Image credit: The List Ten things
jazz singer Sophie Milman can’t live without

Almost everyone knows Sophie Milman now, so she doesn't need an introduction. She is an internationally acclaimed, Toronto-based, Juno Award winning jazz singer.

Do you know 10 things she can not live without? Here is Sophie’s list of favourite things published in the July 2012 Toronto Life magazine's issue. The List: 10 things Juno-winning jazz singer Sophie Milman can’t live without

Oh, and meet Sophie's Miniature Schnauzer dog, Will: Sophie Milman and Will
by Sarah Hosick

Listen to CBC Radio 2 recorded concert Sophie Milman live at the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage, Ottawa, October 29, 2011

Credit: @sophiemilman

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