Saturday, November 12, 2016

Toronto West Contemporary Art Galleries Map

Toronto West Contemporary Art Galleries, including the Junction: map
Map: Toronto West Contemporary Art Galleries

It's a lot of fun browsing around in the Toronto's West End.

Use this map to find the location of each of the 11 contemporary art galleries in the Toronto's West End (including the Junction area) and to find out what exhibits and events are taking place.

Contemporary Art Galleries:

1. Zalucky Contemporary
facebook: @zaluckycontemporary

2. Katzman Contemporary
facebook: @katzmancontemporary
twitter: @katzmancontemp

3. Christie Contemporary

4. Alison Milne Gallery
facebook: @alisonmilnegallery

5. AC Repair Co.
facebook: @acrepairco

6. Erin Stump Projects (ESP)
facebook: @Erinstumpprojects
twitter: @ESP_gallery

7. Division Gallery
facebook: @DivisionGallery

8. Angell Gallery
facebook: @Angell-Gallery

9. Richard Rhodes Dupont Projects
facebook: @dupontprojects

10. Neubacher Shor Contemporary
facebook: @Neubacher-Shor-Contemporary
twitter: @nscontemporary

facebook: @coopercolegallery
twitter: @coopercole

 Toronto West Contemporary Art Galleries: Contacts

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