Friday, October 13, 2006

Oksana’s Journey From Fall to Flickr

Fall 2006 Flicr's Set
Photography by Oksana Shlakhter

Сегодня случайно вышла в сад. А там осень. Так жаль...
Почему-то лета ждёшь-ждёшь... А осень всегда приходит внезапно.
Встанешь однажды, выглянешь в окно, а на траве багряные листья...
Вся-то осень - с опавший лист...
Copyright © 2006 Oksana Shlakhter

Today I’ve heard on the radio that this weekend is the last one for fall foliage watchers.
But what will keep my memory about this colorful fall’s season is this full of feelings photo journey of Oksana into her garden.
There are my humble attempts to interpret it.

Today I have occasionally come into my garden. And there has already come fall. It is so pity...
For some reasons you’ve been waiting for summer for a long time... But fall always comes all of a sudden.
You wake up once in the morning, look out into a window, and crimson leaves rested on grass...
The fall is dropped down like this fallen down leaf...
It's not so laconic like in Russian, but you can try to translate this passage.
I am looking forward to read your version.

Oksana's Pro Photo Collection on flickr
Credit: Oksana Shlakhter


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