Monday, October 16, 2006

Readings From Russia at Chapters Runnymede

I’ve got a letter today with some questions regarding the Readings from Russia event.
  • What is happening at that Readings?
  • Is he just reading in Russian?
  • Do they have books so that you can follow the Readings?
  • I have in Russian 'Voina i Mir' and I would like to hear how he reads that.
Please and thanks.
Now, I can show the pictures which are telling more then words about this interesting occasion.

And my short answers are:
  • Vladimir Shatsev gives introductions to some of the great works of Russian literature.
  • Vladimir gives his presentations in English.
  • O, yes, you can buy the books at the Chapters Runnymede or order them on-line.
  • I think, Vladimir could read for you some pieces from War and Peace in Russian.

Vladimir Shatsev: A picture moment.
Credit: itceremony

Vladimir Shatsev: Readings from Russia

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1 comment:

itceremony said...

Maya sent me her Live Journal link - may_lio's live journal.
This is my ansver to her.
Thank you very much for the invitation to open your live journal, your digital journey.
Now we will meet on-line more often than in the Russian House Community Centre.
Thank you for organizing this rare opportunity to meet Lubov Pustilnic and to listen to her story about her unique findings.
Last time we met at the Vladimir Natanovich Shatsev’s presentation of 10 Russian writers at the Runnymede Chapters Theatre. This is a link to one of the meetings of the Readings From Russia event.
I hope one day to read your post about this wonderful evening.
All the best,
PS: I linked your LJ to the artjunction blog, so your digital presence is only a click away from my desktop.