Friday, October 06, 2006

Vladimir Shatsev: Readings from Russia

Readings from Russia
Credit: The Russian House Community Centre

The Russian House Community Centre & Chapters Runnymede

Readings from Russia

When: Tuesdays in October 2006
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Where: Chapters Runnymede Theatre
Location: 2225 Bloor Street West, Toronto
(Bloor subway at Runnymede station)
Google map: Runnymede - Chapters, 2225 Bloor Street West

Join Vladimir Shatsev at Chapters Runnymede for a relaxed and lively introduction to some of the great works of Russian literature.

October 10
Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev >>>
Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov >>>

October 17
Crime and Punishment by Fedor Dostoyevsky
The Compromise by Sergey Dovlatov

October 24
War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin by Vladimir Voinovich

October 31
Dead Souls
by Nikoai Gogol
Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov
Life and Fate by Vasilii Grossman
Speak Memory by Vladimir Nabokov

For more information call 416-761-9773

Vladimir Shatsev, M.A., originlly taught in the schools and universities of St.Petersburg, Russia developing the innovative teaching ideas which have won him international acclaim from the BBC, Radio Liberty in New York, and the International Harwich Festival in England.

Русские Чтения - Readings from Russia

10 романов великих русских писателей в книжном салоне Chapters:

Иван Тургенев и Михаил Булгаков,
Федор Достоевский и Сергей Довлатов,
Лев Толстой и Владимир Войнович,
Иван Гончаров и Владимир Набоков,
Николай Гоголь и Василий Гроссман.

Почему следует прочитать эти книги?

В октябре 2006 в салоне книжного магазина Chapters пройдут беседы о пользе и удовольствии от чтения и перечитывания этих авторов.
Цель их – заинтересовать, поделиться знаниями, чтобы вы услышали живые голоса писателей, способных быть нашими современниками и собеседниками.

Проведет эти беседы Владимир Шацев, преподаватель словесности из Санкт-Петербурга.
Собеседников поражают его глубокое знание русской классической литературы и оригинальные методы ее интерпретации, его непринужденная манера разговора и юмор.
Все это подкупает и заставляет еще и еще раз встретиться с Владимиром, чтобы дослушать недослушанное, высказать то, что пришло в голову после беседы.

Беседы организованы Chapters Runnymede Theatre совместно с общественным центром Русский дом (Russian House Community Centre) и Русским Конгрессом Канады (Russian Speaking Congress of Canada).

В октябре 2006 Владимир Шацев ждет вас каждый вторник в 7:30 вечера в салоне книжного магазина Chapters (2225 Bloor St. W. Станция метро Runnymede).

Беседы проходят на английском языке.

Более подробная информация по телефону 416-761-9773

Readings from Russia: 10 Great Russian Writers Come Alive at Chapters

Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy, Fedor Dostoevsky, Ivan Goncharov & Nikolai Gogol are among the great names of Russian writers in the nineteenth century. Their novels open us to a wide world of thought & emotion, tragedy & farce, brutality & compassion. And even though the nineteenth century may seen far behind us in time, the characters of these stories, their dramas & fates, can still speak to us in the twenty-first century. Their voices are just waiting to be heard…
Fortunately, there is one man who can help us hear those voices, who can give us the reasons to open a book we may have heard of (like War and Peace), but which we have never read, who can inspire us to take the time to listen to these voices who have so much to say to us – about Russia, about the struggle to love a wife, a husband, or a child, about a world of chaos & beauty & catastrophe, but most of all: about ourselves.
That man is Vladimir Shatsev, a prominent teacher of the great Russian writers of the nineteenth & twentieth centuries, whom you can meet at Chapters Runnymede during the month of October.
Before arriving in Canada, Vladimir worked in the schools & universities of St. Petersburg, developing the innovative ideas & attitudes towards teaching which won him the respect & enjoyment of his students, as well as international acclaim from the BBC, Radio Liberty in New York, & the International Harwich Festival in England.
When I first met Vladimir, I was struck by three things: his knowledge of the world of the books & writers he would speak about, his wonderful touches of humour & whimsy which put me at ease, & his genuine ability to share the humanity of these voices in a way that made me want to track down these titles & discover them for myself.
During October, Vladimir will be presenting brief introductions to 10 great Russian writers – 5 from the nineteenth century, & 5 from the twentieth century. You may have read – or heard of – some of these books, but you don’t need to have read any of them! Vladimir’s goal is to intrigue you with his knowledge, his humour & his wonderful grammatical errors, so that you can start to listen to those voices from another time, another country, which can still speak to all of us today.
Vladimir Shatsev will be appearing at Chapters Runnymede, each Tuesday in October at 7:30 p.m.
For further information about Readings from Russia, please phone Chapters Runnymede: 416-761-9773.
Randall Withell, Chapters Runnymede

Copyright © 2006 Randall Withell

Кустодиев Борис Михаилович
Московский трактир. Масло. 1916

Credit: Государственная Третьяковская Галерея | The State Tretyakov Gallery - The National Museum of Russian Fine Art


Toronto Culture::Readings from Russia
Presented by: Russian House Community Centre

Toronto Arts Online::Readings from Russia
Presented by: Russian House Community Centre

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Anonymous said...

That would be a great cultural event to attend the "Vladimir Shatsev:Readings from Russia".I am looking forward to attend it without fail.Yakov the friend of Russian Culture.

itceremony said...

Thank you for your time.
See you at Chapters on Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

Looks like just one more cultural function missed...what a shame.
Clearly, the happenings in Bloor West have improved over the years.
Interesting that Chapters has moved into the Village, I trust it is a profitable venture both for the trade and the community. I look forward to reading about more events in this fine area of the city. Odessa

itceremony said...

Here is Vladimir's notes to this comment:

Dear Odessa,

Thanks a lot for your letter. The Readings from Russia was an important event in my Canadian life. Unfortunately my writing skills in English are not sufficient for self-expression; however I do hope to deliver my thoughts and suggestions in a proper way.
For all my life I have been teaching Literature, speaking the truth, in a very effective way. I continue to be active in my professional field even here, in Toronto.
In theory, the Runnymede Chapters would like to give me a place and time for monthly meetings of the Club of Russian Literature. Also in theory, the Russian House is still looking for a place and time for weekend classes of Literature for kids and adults. But in practice...
I have another option right now. On Sundays at 7 pm I regularly give lectures on Russian Literature for the Russian Student Association’s (RSA) poetry group at Hart House (UofT). I think everyone would be welcome. The next lecture is about Egyptian Nights and Mozart and Salieri.
I also have an idea for a Royal Toronto Oblomov Society which could be the society of mostly English speaking people involved in the reading of Goncharov, Gogol, Nabokov etc. The only requirement to become a member of this society is to read the novels relaxing on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate, and from time to time exchanging opinions by phone or by e-mail.
My dear Odessa, you will be amazed, but ordinary Canadians even well educated ones, have no idea about Isaac Babel or Ilf and Petrov. They should be enlightened for their own benefits.


I just have forgotten to mention that the next lecture on Russian Literature would be not on the coming Sunday, but Sunday, January 14th, 2007.

We love your feedback. Please write your comments and see you at Hart House at meetings of the RSA’s poetry group.

The Arts Junction: Vladimir Shatsev: Russian Poetry Group