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Collaboration of Talents: Canadian Youth Arts Network and Manifesto

Meetimg Canadian Youth Arts Network and ManifestoPoster: Youth Art Toronto Town Hall Meeting March 27, 2008
Presented by Manifesto + CYAN

Credit: Manifesto + CYAN
The Canadian Youth Arts Network (CYAN) and Manifesto – a youth-led organization, held a significant Youth Arts Forum on Thursday March 27, 2008 at City Hall. It was an exciting and valuable event for young artists to discuss their perspectives, network and plan the community of the arts not just locally but on an international level. It is a follow up to last year’s CYAN Forum on youth arts development.

At the forum artists from all kinds of artistic organizations discussed topics such as the artists’ working conditions, space, grants, funding, various art projects, and business investment in the arts as well as means to support the artist’s various needs. One of the main goals of the discussion was to develop a framework for social mapping of arts initiatives in the city. The participants came to a consensus of having an online map of all the arts going on in the city with the artists connected and in the know of the culture that they are making. It would significantly simplify the amount of complex art projects and information happening on the internet and live, since there would be clearer understanding of who’s doing what and will inspire better interactivity of resources, collaboration and creativity.

There was an expression of how special today’s time is in terms of the many possibilities available to artists right now and that it is crucial to make use of this moment to build a sustainable environment. Another point was to make an organization of the arts globally, uniting the nations especially because there’s an opportunity for artists from other countries to visit Canada. A major concern was to come up with a way to get the vital resources to accomplish artists’ projects, and to establish studio space as well as career growth. It seemed the key element that would solve problems is collaboration of all their versatile talent. The organizers of the meeting are preparing for the Manifesto/Ignite 2008 Forum. Through artistic expression and creative projects they plan to advance policies and practices that support youth arts.
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CYAN bridges the divide between arts practitioners, funders and policy makers and establishes a diverse yet collective voice for young artists. CYAN evolved out of a youth advisory that was convened for the Ignite: Youth Arts Forum. Ignite not only demonstrated a high level of energy from the youth art sector, but a need for an entity that could offer professional development and advocacy within a relevant and authentic for-youth by-youth model. Currently CYAN operates as a collective all of whom have a passion for the growth and sustainability of youth arts.

Manifesto Community Projects is a youth–led organization devoted to fostering collaboration in Toronto’s artist community in order to provide powerful platforms and resources for growth and exposure. The focal point of its activities is the annual city-wide Manifesto Festival of Urban Music & Art, in addition to a variety of community initiatives including workshop programs, art exhibitions and fundraising events.

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