Thursday, October 23, 2008

Invest in Art and Do It Tonight in the Junction

Screenshot: Focusing on art as investments
By Naomi Carniol, Special to the Star, October 23, 2008

It takes the right frame of mind, and a little luck, to turn that piece of art you purchased into an asset that will contribute to your financial future
Naomi Carniol - Investing - Focusing on art as investments

And you can start to do it right now. Please come to the Local Option Art Awards which will hold its first annual gala tonight at Latitude 44 Gallery (2900 Dundas Street West).

Artists, historians, patrons of art and lovers of history will come together to celebrate the Spirit of the Junction. As the evening unfolds, speakers tell the wondrous tales of art as a vital link in Junction history and the historic marriage between art and business in the community.

Items of historical and artistic value will be on display to be purchased at silent auction, an array of treasures from gold and silver leaf to vintage brass fire extinguishers manufactured in the Junction will be auctioned off. Vintage photographs from the Junction’s past have been exquisitely framed and will be offered as mementos of the railway town that became a city.

Come and meet Don Thompson, author of "The $12 Million Stuffed Shark, The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art" (published by Doubleday Canada). His book is currently on the best seller list in Toronto, New York and London. Drawing on exclusive interviews with both past and present executives of auction houses and art dealerships, artists, and the buyers who move the market, Thompson launches the reader on a surprising journey of discovery.

The gala will raise funds for the West Toronto Junction Historical Society, a vital force in the Junction, working to preserve the history and heritage of this unique neighbourhood.

See you there.

link: Don Thompson: Stuffed Sharks, Empty Wallets and the Art Market to Come
With sales chilling at the Frieze Art Fair last week, there's no
better time to chat about the art market's future. In this
interview, economist Don Thompson, author of The $12 Million
Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art, shares
his predictions.



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