Saturday, October 11, 2008

Margaret Maye and Zanna Bichevskaya: Benefit UofT Epilepsy Research Program

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Intimately Two Hearts

Bravo International / Singers on Stage

October 11, 2008 - 3 pm & 8 pm

Jane Mallett Theatre at StLC


The Annual Gala Benefit concert for the University of Toronto Epilepsy Research Program will feature Zanna Bichevskaya, an international star, legendary icon and bard of song. The famed "Russian Joan Baez" will sing romances and her best hits. With Gennady Ponomarev and Margaret Maye accompanied by the Music Ensemble, this night is sure to inspire and delight.

For more information, call StLC Box Office
Credit: The St Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Toronto Ontario

S.A.C.E.C: "Absolute Sensation! First time in Toronto. A star from Russia, Zanna (Jeanne) Bichevska - legendary icon of Russian music, bard of song with unusual beauty of the voice, master of original style, winner of many prestigious international awards will perform for epilepsy causes. An evening of ballads, Russian romances - this magical evening will bring an eclectic collage of ballads, romances, and folk songs that will celebrate "songs of the heart" from Poland, America, France and Russia, including songs by the legendary Bulat Okudzhava, V. Visotski, Edith Piaf and others.
We will expand traditional boundaries - elements of classical and jazz, traditional and modern, folk, country and rock will all blend into an exquisite fusion of styles. The voices of exceptional singers will be supported by a group of truly outstanding musicians."

Russia-InfoCentre: Bichevskaya Zhanna bard and folk musician
"For over thirty years Zhanna Bichevskaya has been singing songs that gained love of millions of people of all nationalities. Her repertoire is rich and diverse, with several hundreds of songs, ranging from long-forgotten Russian folk songs ("Village and Town Songs and Ballads," Vols. I and II), to wartime songs of the 1920s ("Lyubo, Bratsy, Lyubo"), and to contemporary prayer-like pieces ("Pyesni Ieromonacha Romana"). In the 1980s, Bichevskaya's selections also included her own versions of songs written by her mentor and friend Bulat Okoudjava, songs after the verses by Silver Age poets, as well as songs by Sergei Nikitin, Andrei Makarevich, Alexander Dolski and others. "

Toronto Exclusive Magazine: Interview with Margaret Maye
"My next big project ... is going to feature a star of international calibre, a legendary icon and bard of song, Zhanna Bichevskaya and myself accompanied by the Jazz Trio. It will be an Evening of songs of the heart, Russian Romances, Folk Songs and Jazz Ballads with music by Bulat Okudzhava and others."

Added February 23, 2010

YouTube: Жана Бичевскаја у Торонту, 11. октобар SvetlostVostoka
Снимак са концерта руске певачице Жане Бичевскаје, који је одржан 11.-ог октобра 2008.-ме године у Торонту.


olga said...

"Intimately Two Hearts" - Annual Gala for Epilepsy Research will feature award-winning legendary chanteuse from Russia Zanna (Jeanne) Bichevska, and Canadian artists. Proceeds will benefit the University of Toronto Epilepsy Research Program.

gary65 said...

"Intimately Two Hearts" was a great success with a sold out theatre for the 8PM show, great speeches, music and a good time had by all.

Peggy Nash MP for Parkdale-High Park,Cheri DiNovo MPP for Parkdale-High Park and Laurel Broten MPP for Etobicoke Lakeshore where in attendance.

Segment of a presentation speech given to Margaret Maye at the “Intimately Two Hearts” concert on October 11, 2008 by Peggy Nash NDP MP

“Good evening everyone (polish greeting) (acknowledges Laurel Broten) I would like to take this great pleasure to be here this evening for this very worthy cause of aiding research into Epilepsy, but also for the wonderful cultural treat that I know we are all in for this evening. I know Margaret Maye as a wonderful music talent, also as a member of our community and a neighbour, well I salute you for your organizational skill, your drive, your motivation….I have committed to Margaret that I will work to raise this in the house of commons (Epilepsy research)”

Unfortunately Peggy lost in the October 14th election and now will be unable to raise this important issue in the House of Commons. But all is not lost as Cheri DiNovo pledged to raise it in the Provincial Legislator.

Segment of a presentation speech given to Margaret Maye at the “Intimately Two Hearts” concert on October 11, 2008 by Cheri DiNovo NDP MPP

“It is very fitting that we have candles on the stage because Margaret you are a light, not only to all of those who suffer from Epilepsy, but to the Artistic community, to our community, really you are a light to the Polish community, you are our light Margaret”

“…and I too and I know that Laurel along with me commit tonight to work for this cause….we will take up Provincially as well as Federally, we will do that for you Margaret ".

I believe highlights from the concert will be shown October 25th on CTV’s Polish Studio.

losminsky said...

Whether it is possible where to look this concert in Internet?

gary65 said...

Polish Studio has footage of concert which they might or might not air. I believe if they get enough phone calls about the concert that they will air the footage.
Polish Studio is broadcast
on CHIN network, CityTV
(program 7 - channel 57)
every Saturday from
11.00 am to 12.00 noon.
3055 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Toronto Ontario M8V 1K6
Tel.: /416/ 503 9463 ext. 31 Fax: /416/ 503 9459

losminsky said...

Thank you:)

gary65 said...

I will try to post some of the footage that I have to YOUTUBE as soon as possible. Just do a search on "Intimately Two Hearts" or "Margaret Maye" etc.

losminsky said...

Many thanks:)))

losminsky said...

Many thanks:)))

losminsky said...

At this concert, Jeanne and Margaret sang a song "Where all the flowers's gone". Where is this song (the full version from this concert), I could listen? If it is possible.Thanks

Anonymous said...

For the moment you can find some of that song Żanna Biczewska - Margaret Maye Musical Highlights from Intimately Two Hearts concert Poljubila ja - Margaret Maye

Anonymous said...

Margaret's next concert:
Body and Soul - Tango Passion. A feast of sight and sound, a perfect harmony of melody and movement.
Spirited music, sizzling tangos that draw on classical works, jazz standards, Celtic melodies and popular tunes provide the setting for intricate, sensual dance steps and terpsichorean pyrotechnics and lush mezzo-soprano singing, Virtuosity, musicality, elegance, sensuality and humour.
Jalousie, Milonga, Oblivion, Por una cabeza; Classic Tango, Tango Nuevo, music by Piazzolla, Petersburski and others.

WHO: Featuring Dazzling, Sensational Artists of the Year Quartango, Argentinean Tango Dancers Roxana & Fabian Belmonte and mezzo soprano Margaret Maye

When: Tuesday October 20th 2009 at 7:30 PM

WHERE: Saint Lawrence Centre for the Arts, in the Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Why: Third Annual Benefit Concert for Epilepsy research

Tickets : online at
By phone, STLC box office: 416-366-7723 and 1-800-708-6754
In person, STLC 27 Front Street East, Toronto