Friday, October 24, 2008

Press-Release: Junction Historical Society Balances Art and Economy at Local Option Art Awards Gala

Toronto Junction Local Option Art Awards Gala Historical Society Fundraiser Cara Pascal October 23, 2008The Local Option Art Awards Gala in the Junction:
Cara Reeves, WTJHSCC and Pascal Abboud, Pascal's Baguette and Bagels
2008 @

For Immediate Release


Toronto, ON, October 24, 2008 - Best selling author Don Thompson (The 12 Million Dollar Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art -- currently on the best seller lists in Toronto, London and New York) joined local artists, businesspeople and residents at Latitude 44 Gallery (2900 Dundas St. W.) on Thursday October 23, 2008.

The community ensured the success of the Junction Historical Society’s silent auction and Awards ceremony. Despite turmoil in the global financial and art markets, the event proved that investing in local art can create a stable financial base by setting realistic goals.

The Local Option Art Awards, a Junction Centennial initiative sponsored by Mariposa County artist Michael Reeves, is a unique experiment that has benefited the whole community.

Between the Junction Centennial weekend in April and the Arts Festival in September, 20 businesses have hosted 27 artists. The first, second and third prize winners were chosen by public vote. The results: a tie for first place between Emmanuel Mifsud and Peter LUI Gang; Brian Anderson was chosen as runner up; and Olga Sadowy was awarded the third prize.

Martin Scott of 'Forever Interiors' initiated and facilitated a limited edition of 70 Junction Centennial Trains on behalf of the Historical Society involving young local artists in the project. About 25% of the artists who participated sold their works; some artists received commissioned work due to the exposure; some will be continuing the relationships they have built with the businesses. Four of the businesses would like Latitude 44 Gallery to continue to use their spaces to sell more works by local artists.

The "Best Art and Business Matches" from the project will remain on display at Latitude 44 Gallery until the end of the month.


For information, please contact:
Janet DiBernardo
Latitude 44 Gallery
2900 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y8
Phone: 416-769-2900

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Anonymous said...

What a garbled press release! A historical society has supposedly successfully joined a commercial decor shop world with the business world?! Is this somehow important? This is really just a bunch of local small business people patting themselves on the back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah a craptastic event for sure. Now, an opening at Smash - that's more like it!

Irina said...

You guys are party-poopers, did someone forget to invite you? :) Looks like a fun event, opening at Smash looked great as well, and the Russian language cinema screening.. I wish I was able to attend.
Olga, love your blog, maybe I'll come out one of these nights and buy you a drink Russian style!