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Slavonic Literature and Culture Day Celebration in Toronto

Photo: Svetlana Roufanova, Founder & Chair of the Russian Library
& Community Information Centre, Toronto
Celebration the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture; May 20, 2009
2009 @ Anya
The year 863 A.D. was a time that Russian language alphabet was created. The Slavic Princes asked the Emperor Michael III of the Byzantine Empire to send them wise teachers to create a written language for the Slavic people. Brothers Cyril and Methodius were the two chosen Christian missionaries who created the Cyrillic alphabet that has become the Russian alphabet.

To commemorate the achievement of the Saint Brothers the day of "Slavonic Literature and Culture Day" was established in 1991. In Canada it was celebrated for the 4th time on May 20th 2009 at the Bathurst Clark Resource Library in Vaughan, Ontario. The founder and organizer of the celebration Svetlana Roufanova displayed the rich book collection of some of the finest examples in Russian Literature that the Cyrillic alphabet has to offer. The day was filled with lively performances, poetry readings, traditional arts and craft exhibit and the presence of key speakers and honorary guests.

The presentation began with an opening speech by the Archpriest Oleg Kirilov, Rector of the Christ the Saviour Russian Orthodox Cathedral, who explained in detail the story and significance of Cyril and Methodius’ enormous contribution to the development of Russian written language and literacy. Present at the celebration were the Consul General of Russian Federation in Toronto, Andrey Veklenko who awarded the Knight Order to Professor Alexey Stakhov for his life achievement in science and art, having dedicated his life to research of the Golden Section.

The evening was marked by performances from the children’s folk ensemble "Ladushki" as well as poetry recitation of popular Russian poems by young Russian Canadian students. There were also professional poets residing in Toronto who read their pieces such as Ilya Lipes and Marina Shubina. It was an extremely important celebration to cherish and preserve Russian cultural traditions. The Slavonic Literature and Culture Day has become a custom in Canada, time-honoured by the Russian public.

2009 @ Anya
Collage: Celebration of the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture
Toronto, May 20, 2009
Credit: NTV Canada


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