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Three Perspectives on the Bloor West Art Tour, May 29 – 31, 2009

Artist Mary Sims-Morey at the Wise Daughters Craft Market in the Toronto Junction on the Bloor West Village Art Tour 2009Collage: Artist Mary Sims-Morey at the Wise Daughters on the Bloor West Village Art Tour
Credits: Bloor West Village Art Tour + Wise Daughters Craft Market

As an artist I strive to capture an intimate view of the natural world around me; subjects that capture my interest for their beauty, intricacy, mood or feeling. I love what each painting has to teach about colour, form, and composition, and especially those paintings that tell a story.

Mary Sims Morey

It Was a Joy

This year was my 4th year showing with the annual Bloor West Art Tour, and it was a joy to be able to display my work at Wise Daughters. Mary Breen's shop is located in a wonderful building, with a very large front window bringing in daylight to the split level layout of upper shop floor, and lower workshop and gallery space. The combination of abundant natural light, renovated light coloured walls, and a few strategically placed spotlights, creates the perfect setting for working in textile arts, crafting, and displaying artwork.

Tour Artist: Mary Sims-Morey

My Wish for Everyone

I’ve been a regular of the Bloor West Art Tour for many years, usually travelling by bike to take in as many venues as possible. I was delighted to be able to sponsor the event and host artist Mary Sims-Morey now that I have gallery space as part of Wise Daughters Craft Market.

My initial observation was that many of the tour’s visitors had come from points some distance from our neighbourhood. Clearly awareness of the event has built throughout Toronto over time. People were thoroughly enjoying a day out, discovering the area as well as appreciating the art. What a valuable way to expose our neighbourhood as a desirable destination for culture, as well as history and great food.

I was thrilled to see so many of Mary Sims-Morey’s paintings leaving the premises in the hands of happy buyers. My wish for everyone is to own some original art, even it’s a tiny piece – it’s just so good for the soul.

Tour Host/Sponsor: Mary Breen

A Junction Morning
The Junction is home -- comfortable, relaxed, open the door friend and walk in. And this is precisely the atmosphere of the galleries on the Saturday morning of the Bloor West Art Tour.

The round trip starting from Dundas and Clendenan to the destination of Cool Hand of a Girl took just over four hours, a jaunt of normally a fraction of that time. Why? In the first block alone one must admire Martin’s flowers and beautiful window display; examine international handcrafts; look for new baubles at Lavishy.

At Dundas and Quebec, artist Rhonda Nolan warmly welcomed visitors to Sandra Muscat’s gallery / studio space where both artists’ vibrant pieces were displayed. Sandra’s art books and supplies were at hand giving a sense of the presence of a working artist.

At Wise Daughters, art was found upstairs and down. The store houses a fine cross-section of contemporary handmade articles while the lower studio featured Mary Sims-Morey. It was an honour to stand before each painting especially with the artist present.

Pat Schnurr’s Picture It Framed hosted artist John Pressault. These paintings of northern scenes, trains, and trees in spring bloom were vivid and powerfully beautiful.

And so on down The Junction. The Relax Shack had a black and white photo exhibit as it participated in the Contact display. There were all sorts of treasures found in the shops along both sides of Dundas. A sharing of the exquisite French toast and an omelette at Cool Hand of a Girl with fresh coffee - delightful!

Of course, the best part of walking The Junction is meeting people. Folks chat, exchange stories, smile, and you look forward to seeing them again.

Hope these Studio Tour artists open their doors again next year.

Tour Participant: Bambi Rutledge

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