Friday, June 12, 2009

Why I Knit Traffic Bollard Cozies

Photo: Why I Knit Traffic Bollard Cozies, by Wise Daughters Craft MarketPhoto: Why I Knit Traffic Bollard Cozies
2009 © Wise Daughters Craft Market
Early in June, city workers came around to install traffic bollards in front of Wise Daughters Craft Market, in order to stop zealous drivers from climbing the curb and parking on the hydro vault under the pavement. The bollards are no doubt useful. But they were rusty, and just not very aesthetically pleasing.

I have a huge basket full of orphaned bits of wool from past projects (mine and other people’s). My mind started ticking. I had seen delightful footage of a group called "Knitta" in the documentary "Handmade Nation"; these vigilante knitters go out under cover of darkness and wrap cosies around utility poles in Houston, Texas. A few years ago, I enjoyed the initiative of a group that took it upon themselves to paint the bike rings down Roncesvalles in brilliant hues.

A little texture and colour can really make my day.

So I knit cosies for my traffic bollards, adorning them with some yarn flowers and balls for extra flourish. My hope is that the cosies will start to felt in the rain. If vandals or dogs do damage first, so be it. I’ve beautified my little bit of the Junction for at least a while.

Why tuck our handiwork away in the privacy of our homes, or worse still, in storage closets? Let’s go public with our craftiness!

To this end, a footnote... World Wide Knit in Public Day takes place on the second Saturday of June each year. It was started in 2005 to bring knitters together, showcase the diversity of knitters everywhere, and generally celebrate the act of knitting. Regrettably, I learned about this too late to take action for this year, but in 2010, I’ll be sure to gather up knitters for a party at Wise Daughters!

2009 © Mary Breen
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