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Call for Junction Artists and Businesses for Boom Times Spring Fling 2010!

Poster: Call for Junction Artists and Businesses for Boom Times Spring Fling 2010
Credit: JunctionRA


The Boom Times Spring Fling originated at the 2009 Amalgamation Celebration at Humberside Collegiate Institute, collaboration between Boom Times Cabaret, the Junction Historical Society, the Junction Residents Association, students, historians, artists, businesses and community groups. Building on its momentum, the Junction Residents’ Association’s new Cultural Committee is spearheading the coordination of a 2nd and bigger, more inclusive, multi-disciplinary event in 2010.

2010 Plans

There are two key components to the Spring Fling.

The JUNCTION HISTORY MASH-UP will offer a mix of modern and traditional storytelling techniques from native drums to video images, from mime to rap. This theatre piece will be researched, dramatized and performed by local high school students working collaboratively with local historians for performances in early June and at the arts festival in September.

The second element of Spring Fling involves local artists who will mentor secondary students, supported by local businesses, in consultation with local historians, to create original art which will be exhibited in storefronts in June and ideally right through next summer and into Junction Arts Festival week.

This multi-disciplinary visual arts piece of Boom Times Spring Fling is envisioned to include photography, textile art, sculpture, mapping, painting, cartooning and anything else our artist/student teams can imagine.

If you are a Junction-area artist, working in any one of a number of disciplines /media, and would like to mentor participating high school students, here is what you need to do:
  • Send us your bio and tell us where you live (must be Junction, but boundaries are fluid)
  • Share your idea for a student-driven arts project on the theme of Junction history and culture
  • Tell us how you will mentor the creative process
  • Include a budget for equipment/materials
  • Find yourself a Junction-area business partner to exhibit the students’ work in June (and preferably through September, though logistical constraints may have to be accommodated)*
*If you are an artist and need help to find a business partner, please be in touch.
*If you have a business and want to get involved in the project but need an artist to partner with, we will help find you a match.

Here is what the overseeing JRA Cultural Committee/Boom Times Team will do:
  • Apply for funding to cover artists’ fees, student honoraria, materials and promotion
  • Match artist/business pairs with students from the participating high schools
  • Provide historians to act as resource people, and access to the Junction archives
  • Promote the activities and culminating exhibitions in the community


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