Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New York: Guggenheim Museum: RUSSIA! Unprecedented Exposition of Russian Art

September 16, 2005 -– January 11, 2006

Overview: RUSSIA! is the most comprehensive and significant exhibition of Russian art outside Russia since the end of the Cold War. Including more than 250 artworks, many of which have rarely or never traveled abroad, this innovative presentation features the greatest masterpieces of Russian art from the 13th century to the present, as well as a selection of first-class Western European paintings and sculptures from the imperial art collections assembled by Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and Nicholas I in the 18th and 19th centuries, and later in the early 20th century by the Moscow merchants Sergei Shchukin and Ivan Morozov...

It is planned, that in 2006 in Russia there will be presented a mutual exhibition under the name "America!". We hope that the idea of this ambitious project - to present an image of each country: its history, roots and traditions, will be accomplished.


Watch the RUSSIA! promotional spot which appears on Thirteen/WNET

The New York Times: History Splashed on Canvas
By Roberta Smith, September 16, 2005

:История, излитая на полотно ("The New York Times", США)
Роберта Смит (Roberta Smith), 16 сентября 2005

The New York Times: New Slavs of New York: All Bling and No Borscht
By Natasha Singer, October 2, 2005


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