Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wise Daughters Craft Market, One Year Later: Experience Gained, Lessons Learned and Inventiveness Thrived

Collage: Wise Daughters Craft Market, One Year Later, by artjunction.blogspot.comCollage: Wise Daughters Craft Market, One Year Later
Twelve months ago, when I opened Wise Daughters’ door for the first time, I had found work by 25 local artists to present to my customers. Now I have more than double that number of vendors, and nearly all of them have found me. The single most gratifying aspect of this adventure has been the opportunity to meet so many talented people, many of them my immediate neighbours. The germ of my business idea was to establish some sort of creative "hub", and I feel that vision is coming to fruition. Workshops are clearly filling a need for self-expression and a desire for handmade; no matter what the topic, the enjoyment of the participants is a delight to observe.

Opening a craft shop/gallery in the dead of winter, at the height of a recession, taught me many useful lessons about creative marketing and frugal management that I trust will stand me in good stead as the economy improves. It also forced me to focus on products that, in fact, deserve attention. For example, I have shown a lot of work by emerging artists, whose prices are low (for now, you lucky buyers!). I have also carried a great deal of merchandise made of repurposed / recycled materials, which is good for everybody and the planet too. Necessity really is the mother of invention. And this mother is grateful for all the inventiveness both artists and customers have brought to Wise Daughters.

Mary Breen, Owner
Wise Daughters Craft Market
Local handicrafts and do-it-yourself workshops
3079B Dundas St. W.

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