Friday, July 22, 2011

No Junction Arts Festival in 2011?

Junction Arts Festival Cancelled for 2011, screenshot insidetoronto.comScreenshot: Junction Arts Festival Cancelled for this year
by Lisa Rainford, Inside Toronto, July 21, 2011

Here is an article by Lisa Rainford that one of Toronto’s hugely popular annual Junction Arts Festival, which attracted over 200,000 visitors to the culturally vibrant historic area, will not happen in 2011.
Junction Arts Festival cancelled for this year

After almost 20 years of bringing visual arts, theatre, dance and comedy to Dundas Street West, the Junction Arts Festival will not take place this year....

links: 2011 Junction Arts Festival Cancelled!
By admin, on July 22nd, 2011 Junction Arts Festival cancelled for this year
By Lisa Rainford July 21, 2011 Junction Arts Fest - 2011 greater Junction (Toronto) Arts Festival There will be no festival in 2011 see information below

Latest News about the Junction Arts Festival 2011:
Sadly, the Junction Arts Festival will not be happening this year due to difficult challenges and obstacles created by the certain unworkable situations and Associations. . .
posted July 18th 2011

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Sarmite Bulte on Junction Arts Festival

"The Junction Arts Festival is a jewel in what has been a fabulous revitalization of this historic Toronto neighbourhood. The Junction had fallen on hard times as industries relocated during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. However, thanks to the partnership between local residents and businesses, Toronto Hydro, the City of Toronto and the federal government, the Junction is back and booming."

In the House of Commons on October 18th, 2004.